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Cover your smartphone with gold.

The iPhone cover market is worth about 1.3 billion dollars per year and is very wide-ranging. You can buy one for a few cents or one decorated with diamonds for 
$ 30,000, via the $ 10,000 genuine gold leaf cover made with 14 kt gold. However, the most purchased are the covers in the $ 20 -100 range, which attract consumers because of their greater value for money.

With this business opportunity in mind, a new gadget manufacturing firm has recently been launched in Florence: Silcover & Co.. The company, which also produces contemporary jewels with the brand “Petite Génève”, has clear ideas about what people want: particularity, quality, uniqueness. 
With these ideas, the collaboration with Giusto Manetti Battiloro was born in 2013, the Florentine company which is leader in the production of genuine gold leaf.

Protective and at the same time elegant, the iPhone covers made by the two companies are coated with genuine gold leaf, in all the colours of Manetti’s catalogue. The result is absolutely unique.

The covers made by Silcover & Co. and Giusto Manetti Battiloro are made only on request and will soon be available also for Nokia, Samsung, Lg and Blackberry.

Genuine gold leaf covers iPhone



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