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The DIY movement that depopulated on the web.

Gold leaf interior design for D.I.Y (Do it Yourself) or for precious and particularly stylish accessories.
Gold is a really versatile luxury product !


Increasingly, reading between the various blogs and among the various forums, it happens to be in front of a post “D.I.Y.”: Do It Yourself.

These posts, which have become popular thanks to the development of social networks, suggesting to people on how to beautify the objects with their own hands: from the pot of flowers on the dress, from the chandeliers to the ornaments, vintage shoe from the old centertable. Under the who does by itself makes for three,” the web is more and more the tutorial on how to customize your own hands with the world around us.

gold leaf interior design example


gold leaf paper mache bowl  

Genuine gold leaf paper mache bowls created by Kelli Murray.


The reasons for this expansion are twofold. First there is a desire to combine business with pleasure, approaching the value of things and the environment. Secondly, the desire to do something different, unconventional, encouraged by a world in continuous movement that inspires more creativity and imagination. All this is connected by social networks every second update of new ideas and proposals. Among the objects DIY most used is increasing the use of gold leaf. As a matter of fact gold leaf interior design is very popular in the network and is increasingly clicked on major social platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, probably due to the flexibility and manageability of gold leaf.

One of the clearest examples of how it can be used, it is given by the blogger Kelli Murray, who retain all their bracelets inside a fashion, has created a special bowl covered with gold leaf. Always in the domain of gold leaf interior design, the blogger Martha Stewart suggests how to renew an old desk lamp: geometry, gold leaf , a few minutes of concentration and you’re done.


mld105366_0210_gdht1c_vertmld105366_0210_gdht3c_vertlamp example of gold leaf interior design

Gilded Floor Lamp Shade. Project by Martha Stewart.



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