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With the following email, Dr. Mariano Carpanese, the physicist director of ENEA (Italian National Agency for new Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development), has personally thanked  Giusto Manetti Battiloro for helping and funding, with the supply of genuine gold leaf, an important experiment in radiobiology.

“Please find attached the abstract of a presentation at the Radioprotection Conference, which my colleague, Dr. Francesca Marracino (Health Physicist) also attended. As you can see the gold leaves sent by you have been used for making the proton beam uniform, intended for radiobiology experiments. We thank you for your helpfulness and competence in a sector in which we have severe problems in finding support in our Center. Without your precious help, we would have even greater difficulties in pursuing the project.

Best Regards,

Mariano Carpanese”

This picture shows the results of the research made by ENEA.

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