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"When the lion points toward the Arno, it’s going to

So say a historic Florentine proverb. The object in question is the symbol of power of the city, the Marzocco weathervane. Placed in 1453 on the Arnolfo Tower of Palazzo Vecchio, the work has been for years not only an indicator of the weather forecast, but a genuine emblem of the power of the Florentines.

The structure is five meters high and in 1981 it was moved inside Palazzo Vecchio to prevent further deterioration caused by exposure to the weather. Resting on a large ball made of copper, the Weathervane depicting a rampant lion, the Marzocco, raising the lily of Florence, the historic symbol of the city.

In 2010, Giusto Manetti Battiloro funded the entire restoration work, which took place at the hands of the Bronze and Antique Arms section of the Opificio delle Pietre Dure. The work was coordinated by Maria Donata Mazzoni gifted with the art historicl direction of Clarice Innocenti and the technical direction of Stefania Agnoletti and Annalena Brini.

Thanks to the restoration traces of gilding resurfaced, long rendered invisible by time, and the previous repair work such as tin-lead welding and replacement of copper foils, carried out in 1843-1844. In order to remember the old gilding work, the base of the structure was built in TerraOro.

The Marzocco Weathervane is now located in front of the “Salone dei Cinquecento” in Palazzo Vecchio, whereas since 2005 you can see a copy of the work in fiberglass on the Arnolfo Tower.


banderuola del marzoccoBanderuola di palazzo vecchio




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