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Cooperation in the service of creativity.

Gold leaf shoes realized by italian footwear Moretti with Manetti genuine gold leaf  now in stores in Dubai.

If Italy is the home of Fashion, Tuscany it is certainly the standard bearer. Always, in fact, the beautiful region of the Medici exports its fashion brand in all the way, distinguished by elegance, creativity and quality.

It was a demonstration the recent collaboration between Alberto Moretti, the famous company of Arezzo luxury footwear, and Giusto Manetti Battiloro, the centuries-old Florentine company specializing in the production of real gold leaf.
This collaboration has resulted in a velvet loafer, a symbol of footwear Moretti, completely covered with 24-carat gold leaf Manetti.

The presentation and the launch of the world’s luxury gold leaf shoes have taken place in a big way during the Monaco Grand Prix 2013 The gold leaf shoes are currently available at only five stores around the world: Dubai, London, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and New York.




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