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The donation Manetti for the restoration of the old lanterns.

Every year, sixty days after Easter, the Church celebrates the “Corpus Dominifestivity to celebrate the Eucharist. In Florence, this recurrence has always been solemnized with a majestic procession, where the eucharistic bread was brought to the streets of the city, showed in the ostensory, a crystal case that allowed you to see the consecrated host. This procession has acquired more and more importance for the city of Florence over the course of the centuries.


corpus domini

The Corpus Domini procession, in a miniature from one of the liturgical codices of Santa Maria del Fiore (15th century).
Fondi edili, Laurentian Library, Florence.


The festivity involved throughout the city, also all the highest offices of Florence took part in it, escorted by military units and accompanied by musicians; preparations began three days before. The Corpus Domini paraded, headed by the children, then the lay confraternities, then the priests from various religious orders and finally the Archbishop , who carries the ostensory and proceeds under a rich canopy of gold canvas.

This festivity has never been neglected bu Florentines. Today, the parade starts from the Cathedral, while the churches where the procession moves to are decided annually.

In June, Giusto Manetti Battiloro donated his gold leaf for the old lanterns restoration, used for the Corpus Domini procession.


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