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In 2011, cracks were found along the ceiling of Union Station in Washington, following a 5.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Virginia.

After a careful examination, the gilding with gold leaf appeared scaly and oxidized.

So in 2013 it was prepared a restoration project designed for that purpose. Particular is the re-gilding of hundreds of triangular and octagonal boxes along the main corridor of the station. The project, in fact, will feature the implementation of more than 12000 23Kt gold leaves by Giusto Manetti Battiloro.

The artisans have hand-applied leaf by leaf, along with a company specialized in setting the decoration permanently.

Restoration in progress with genuine gold leaf in Union Station

A recent study, carried out on samples of gold leaf in a laboratory in Chicago, has shown that the new leaf applied, produced by Giusto Manetti Battiloro, will last for more than 75 years.


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