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Dessert with edible gold for an event to remember

The oven-pastry shop “Le Dolci” in Toronto, Canada, takes an order for a special cake to celebrate the fortieth birthday of someone’s wife.

Le Dolci shop

Prepared with luxurious top-quality ingredients, the cupcake is garnished with a 1000$ champagne, the Blue Mountain’s “Kona” coffee, directly imported from the Hawaii and used to flavour the chocolate butter cream, the Camarguian sea salt, the brown sugar with “Vahlrona” french chocolate powder and tahitians vanilla beans.

The custard cream fudge is also prepared with the best qualities ingredients: Krug wineries’ Brut champagne from the “Collection” series, Rosewood Estate’s honey flavoured with a tahitian vanilla essence. The chocolate double icing is realized with Normandy butter, a butter produced by an historical french dairy company, mixed with handmade Amedei’s extra 70%, dark chocolate, a product of extraordinary quality which can give a honey, caramel, lavender, vanilla, banana flavour and orange blossom to the cream itself.

The cupcake is shaped on a handmade chocolate cup covered with edible gold leaf, and decorated with puffed cereals “pearls” covered with chocolate and sparkled with 24 kt. edible gold powder.

gilded cupcake decoration with edible gold leaf

A sugar fudge shaped itself as a branch with leaves and covered with genuine edible gold leaf is prepared to decorate the cake, flowers like sugar “diamond” and completely handmade champagne-base caviar. On the cupcake top a pipe is filled with a 21 years-old cognac Courvoisier to be squeezed before the consumption. The cognac is also used for the fudge preparation.

Gilded cupcake finished

This cupcake, prepared by the pastry chef Lisa Sanguedolce, is a unique piece, prepared according to certain specifications personally required by the customer. Its preparation of took long time. The final cost: about 900$.

Via Torontosun


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