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The most beautiful Easter eggs with edible gold leaf

On Easter approaching, the tradition of dark and milk chocolate eggs comes back. The tradition of giving away a chicken egg was already born during the Middle Ages, when it represented a normal celebration of the Holy Easter: the egg became a symbol of life, according to Christian symbolism. The custom of decorating eggs rises during these years: the noble families used to buy them from the most important court artists, some of them decorated eggs for their servants – one of the most important example is the history of the jeweler Mr. Carl Fabergé, founder of the famous Maison, creator of the renowned “Jewel Egg”, who won fame thanks to the Tsar Nicholas II, who used to give away the eggs to his wife and his mother.

The religious origin of decorating Easter eggs assumes different shades, according to the religious ritual: the Orthodox Church used red decorated eggs, symbolizing the passion of Christ, as well as it is tradition for the Christian Catholic Church to bless the hard boiled eggs during the Holy Mass for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Here we find the root of the tradition of the chocolate egg, which spread so much during the last decades, or, more recently, of the sweet egg, already a symbol of Easter Holidays, along with the traditional “Colomba pasquale”, produced both by chocolate artisans and industrially. In the USA, a traditional way to celebrate Easter, is the renowned skill game “Egg rolling”, one of the most famous is that one that take place in the gardens of the White House.

Here you’ll find some creations of chocolate eggs decorated with edible gold, the most interesting:

Selfridges Gold Bullion Egg

Realized in 2009, this chocolate egg is completely realized with dark chocolate and it’s decorated with 18 kt edible gold leaf and, then, filled in with salted caramels.

Easter egg with edible gold leaf

Sugar & Plumm’s Timekeeping Easter Egg

This chocolate egg, created in 2014 by the chocolatier Thierry Altan, is 76 centimeters high and its weight is 18 kilograms. Decorated with edible gold leaf, it represents time flowing.

Easter egg with edible gold leaf

William Curley’s Golden Egg

The “Golden Egg” by William Curley, that weights 50 kilograms, was produced in 2012. Prepared with ingredients of the highest quality, like Muscovado caramel and juniper berry, the egg is decorated with an embossed band with genuine edible gold leaf.

Easter egg with edible gold leaf


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