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Oliviero Rainaldi’s sculptures in Shanghai.

Oliviero Rainaldi uses genuine Gold Leaf as a decoration in his sculptures showed at an exhibition in Shangai.

One of the most eagerly awaited exhibitions for Spring 2015. In Shangai, at the Museum of Contemporary Art, the MoCA, the eclectic artist Oliviero Rainaldi put on “a show of horizontal and vertical, of plenty and void, of immersion and appearance, of existence and non-existence, of intimacy and display, also of seas and mountains” with the exhibition “Echos – Sculptures by Oliviero Rinaldi”, cured by Peter Benson Miller. The sculptures, decorated and prepared with the most different materials, representing the feelings experienced by the artist preparing the artworks, from genuine gold leaf to dutch metal leaf. But the exhibition is not just for sculptures: there are, also, a series of sketches and oil paintings by the artist, for a total of 45 artworks in the whole exhibition.

Rainaldi’s works suggests an extraordinarily intense meeting between the language and a typically western style, among ancient Rome origins and Christian evolution, with a wide selection of materials that recall, instead, a typically eastern Zen culture.

The organization of the exhibition was made possible thanks to the interest of the Ambassador Mr. Umberto Vattani, chairman of Venice International University, who took part at the opening of the exhibition, and involved several times in cooperation works with the artist, but also thanks to the General Consul of the Republic of Italy in Shanghai, Dr. Stefano Beltrame.

Sculptures in genuine gold leaf from Oliviero Rainaldi


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