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The ingredient gives a flavourful touch of brilliance.

Golden Pizza a real delicacy: among its ingredients Gold chef, flavored edible gold flakes.

The most popular dish among Italians was the protagonist of the third edition of the “Come nasce una pizza” (“How a pizza is made”) exhibition, held by Prinz Food & Beverage on 23 and 24 November 2015.

In order to mark the event, the brand “Le 5 stagioni” set up a high-level training stand in pursuit of its primary objective: to convey skills and know-how, while at the same time focusing upon day-to-day development and improvement.

Nicola Demo, technical manager of Agugiaro & Figna (a historical leader in the wheat milling sector), introduced two new products for the pizza industry: “Semina” and “Nucleo Pizza Rustica”. The first is a type 2 soft wheat flour for pizzeria and bakery products, while the second serves to enrich the dough with seeds and fibres.

After the kneading, topping, and baking operations had been completed, Nicola Demo, with the help of master pizza chef Massimiliano Crocetti, crowned the finished pizza with a “golden waterfall”. After introducing its gold leaf for the pastry industry, Giusto Manetti Battiloro paid tribute to the entire culinary industry by creating Gold Chef, a new line of edible gold flakes available in three flavours: white truffle, vanilla, and tropical lime.

The Gold Chef white truffle flavoured edible gold crumbs thus became the original ingredient used to create a unique golden pizza, not to mention numerous other refined and exquisite products.

Golden pizza flavored with gold chef


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