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This limited edition gold Kit Kat bar will be sold

Edible Gold Leaf

“The Sublime Gold Kit Kat”. This is the name that Nestlè has given to the limited edition Kit Kat bar produced to celebrate over one million visitors to its stores.
Edible gold leaf has played an important role throughout the year in countless creations for the restaurant and pastry industries. In fact, many renowned cake designers and pastry chefs have put their passion and creativity to the test, and have come up with various wonderful decorations for chocolates pralines, macaroons, and cakes for special occasions.
The world’s most beloved chocolate bar has been covered with an entirely hand made layer of edible gold leaf, which boasts a “rich and slightly bitter” flavour. The edible gold leaf on the surface doesn’t alter the taste of the chocolate, explains a Nestlè employee, but rather gives the product a particularly brilliant and luxurious aspect with every bite. From Tokyo to Fukuoka, only 500 retailers will be given the opportunity to sell the limited edition gold Kit Kat bar. From north to south, Japan has once again reaffirmed itself as the only place where you can find a wide range of Kit Kat varieties. The new gold version can be seen as a tribute to the ancient culture of using edible gold leaf to decorate cakes and other types food items.



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