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The key role of women in the company.

International woman’s day

On the occasion of the 8th  of March, the television channel RAI decided to celebrate International Women’s Day by telling the situation of women in employment in the context of emancipation and conquest of rights.

Giusto Manetti Battiloro S.p.A. was  one of the leading companies of a TV report that showed Tuscany realities where women’s work is considered a supporting  column for the proper functioning of a company.

65% of the company staff is composed of women, sources of vital importance because of their precision and delicacy in handling gold leaf.  Attention and care is especially required for one of the most important phases of gold leaf production progress,  cutting and packaging.

In this phase the gold leaf, after the typical process of beating, are cut manually by experienced and accurate hands in dimensions specifically required by the customer, through the use of a special double-blade knife.

Although the road to total emancipation and women’s independence is still long and difficult, International Women’s Day has been an opportunity to show businesses that have taken the road towards greater consideration and respect of women’s role in the world of work.


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