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The world's most expensive sushi, wrapped in edible gold leaf

 Edible gold leaf

Already renowned throughout the world, chef Angelito Araneta Jr. distinguishes himself with his artistry in creating a particular type of sushi decorated with 24-carat edible gold leaf.

Norwegian salmon, foie gras, and wild saffron are just some of the ingredients used to create this delicacy. And it’s all finished off with a thin layer of gold leaf in place of the seaweed. A golden veil is thus used to seal in the magnificent flavours of this exceptional cuisine.

Another delicacy by Angelito Araneta Jr. is made with Italian balsamic wine, Japanese rice, Muscovado sugar, Norwegian pink salmon, and foie gras. Its peculiarities include 12 Palawan pearls from the Philippines, and 4 two-carat African diamonds. All wrapped in 24-carat gold leaf. The chef has also created a series of precious gems in the world of cake design. His creations are famous for their characteristic surfaces in 24-carat gold leaf ( and compositions of 0.2 carat diamonds: the best known are a golden chocolate cake decorated with 15 African diamonds, a moon-shaped cake covered in 24-carat gold and finished with 10 artificial diamonds, and finally a bunny-shaped rice cake decorated in gold and diamonds.

Edible gold leaf thus becomes the protagonist of culinary artworks with highly original aesthetic details.



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