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Gold, haute cuisine and the pleasure of being together.

A home right in the centre of Pisa. Candles emanate a suffused, relaxing and friendly light. A location which makes you feel at home straight away. On Thursday 5th May, Pisa was the location of an event which united haute cuisine with the pleasure of spending time in each other’s company.

Giusto Manetti Battiloro Edible gold powder for “Toque”.  Gold was one of the decorative elements to feature on dishes served by Giorgio Niccolini, a chef from Pisa and creator of “Toque.”, a travelling gastronomy project, with an educational itinerary focused on the discovery of flavour.

The aim of Toque is to bring the best of professional cuisine directly to the customers’ home, in a menu which seamlessly combines distinction and accessibility. The kitchen is not merely all about the consumption of dishes, rather it becomes a melting pot of conviviality and high quality service.

The chef chose edible gold powder out of a selection of variations also including crumbs and flakes, to bring light to innovative recipes featuring traditional products which all too often have been forgotten.

A triptych of starters and the skilful combination of seasoning and ingredients bring to life an evening dedicated to the discovery of flavour. The experience kicks off with a tuna tartare on a bed of caramelised daikon (a white radish from East Asia used mainly as a condiment) and mayonnaise, followed by coda alla vaccinara (an oxtail stew) served with baby spinach and anchovies, and lastly, sciabu-sciabu sword fish with nori, seasoned with soused carp.

23 kt edible gold powder was also used as a decorative element for a French dish, maigret de canard (duck breast), served on a bed of in-season vegetables and pistachio cream.

The evening was also concluded with a dessert of French origin. Tarte Tatin served with a scoop of cream flavoured ice cream and a sprinkling of edible gold powder. Everything was accompanied by excellent wines and delicious cocktails.

Once more Edible gold by Giusto Manetti Battiloro has been selected as a decorative element for high level culinary art projects.

Instagram: @toqueaporter

LOGO-TOC-TOQUE-GIORGIO-NICCOLINI tuna tartare with edible gold powder edible gold powder decorates duck breast edible gold powder on top of tarte tatin by giorgio niccolini



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