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A candle holder featuring a unique design.

Giusto Manetti Battiloro gold leaf is one of the decorative elements of a project conceived to promote Tuscany, a region synonymous with charm and purity.

The Maison Bereto farm, managed by Lorenzo and Franca Pinzauti, together with their children Leonardo and Francesca, decided to launch a collection of fragrances for the home called “Maison Bereto: fragranze in Arte”.

The new range includes hand made scented candles which exude the values of high quality and excellent ingredients.

The wax has been poured into an authentic bottle used to contain oil from the farm, skilfully moulded by a master glass maker piece by piece.

The candles are supported by an ebony coloured candle holder with medium size spherical concavities located all over the surface.

Far from a simple container, this is a work of work which conquers the visual and tactile senses, destined to be interpreted over the next few months by the fantasy and creativity of some of the most renowned contemporary artists.

Inspiration for this candle holder, an element of indisputable design, came from a special mould used by craftsmen to bend small metal discs used in the creation of necklaces and earrings.

The spherical concavities of this candle holder feature Giusto Manetti Battiloro gold leaf gilding, respectively made from 23 carat yellow gold leaf, champagne coloured 22.5 carat gold leaf and pure palladium leaf.

The gold leaf gilding process was entirely executed by craftsmen. Mission gilding was chosen as it enables the application of gold leaf onto any non-porous surface such as chalk, wood, metal, stone, glass and plastic. The mission was placed in the cavity to be gilded, carefully placing the gold leaf strictly over the concave part so as not to alter the colour of the candle holder’s external profile.

Manetti gold leaf shines out on what is a veritable work of art, a limited edition object which has been coloured and designed by the biggest names in contemporary creativity.




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