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Edible gold for a high-end confectionery event.

The third edition of the World Pastry Stars, the international high-end confectionery congress, was held in Milan on 16 and 17 May 2016. Over 1000 professionals and 30 companies took part.

The event, organised by Italian Gourmet and sponsored by the Italian Pastry Masterchefs Academy, hosted the stars of contemporary European and American confectionery.

Two days dedicated to exchanges and debates among Italian and international confectionery excellences. Participants included prestigious names, such as Beppe Allegretta from Unico restaurant in Milan, Giuseppe Amato from La Pergola in Rome, and Iginio Massari, the world-renowned pastry masterchef who has won numerous national and international awards over the past few years.

All participants contributed with their experience to everyone’s enrichment and growth, also thanks to the leap from a traditional artisan dimension to a large-scale entrepreneurial one.

Giusto Manetti Battiloro’s edible gold was one of the most popular decorative ingredients of the desserts presented during the farewell dinner. Starred chefs and pastry chefs had the chance to express all their skill and imagination in beautiful creations.

Among the several formats available, i.e. powder, crumbs, and flakes, the edible gold crumbs were chosen to decorate two types of cheesecake with straw berries and raspberries. One was round and the other rectangular.

The first cheesecake, served on a bed of sugar flakes with a scoop of strawberry ice cream on the side, was decorated with pralines, sugar decorations, and of the course edible gold crumbs. This version was particularly bright and sparkling. The second cheesecake stood out for its simplicity and beauty. This cheesecake was served on a black plate to enhance its colours and decorated with edible gold crumbs and a beautiful raspberry.

Giusto Manetti Battiloro can be considered one of the sponsors of an event that has helped disseminate the latest trends of an ever-growing industry both in Italy and worldwide. The world of high-end confectionery is a powerhouse of creative ideas, where style, tradition and innovation blend perfectly.




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