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The First Lady with a gold leaf outfit.

The first lady Michelle Obama shows herself in all her beauty with a refined gold leaf outfit.

It is well known that gold leaf is making a lot of new ground. From art, beauty and body care, examples of use of this precious metal are becoming increasingly common among celebrities and in the fashion world. The latest example comes from the White House, where the First Lady Michelle Obama, together with her husband Barack Obama, attended the Congressional Black Caucus Phoenix Award, wearing a refined gold leaf outfit. At the congress, which met to discuss issues regarding the social condition of Afro-American citizens, Barack Obama made his last contribution as president of the United States.

The first lady Michelle Obama showed herself in all her elegance and femininity, exalted by a refined gold leaf outfit. She appeared in public, smiling, cheerful and holding her husband’s hand, wearing a beautiful long, dark-coloured dress, entirely covered in gold leaf.

The First Lady’s gold leaf outfit left everyone breathless, indeed President Barack Obama himself admitted that he found it difficult to recognise his wife in her sheer beauty and splendour.

The dress, designed and created by the American fashion designer Naeem Khan, certainly does not go unnoticed; a long skirt, sleeveless, heart-shaped body, and lastly, gold leaf applied on tulle fabric using a manual technique.

The stylist, born in Mumbai, India, grew up in a world immersed in art, culture, architecture and design. She launched her collection in 2003 and has since had the honour of dressing famous celebrities and performers including Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz, Katy Perry.

This is not the first time in which gold features in outfits and accessories. The gold leaf outfit created for Michelle Obama confirms gold as the star element of the fashion designer’s collections and accessories.

Herfeatures a series of squared hand bags with golden decorations which reflect the elegance and uniqueness of this product.

While we wait to discover upcoming trends in the world of fashion, gold leaf continues to confirm itself as the element which best reflects elegance and refinement.

Michelle Obama Gold Leaf Outfit


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