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Gold leaf in natural cosmetics.

cosmetic gold: everyone is talking about its new way in the beauty industry.

Jewel makeup is increasingly sought after by Spas and beauty centres. From the past to the present, gold has been used to give a younger look to the skin. In addition to milk baths, snake venom serum, and other measures to achieve perfect skin, Cleopatra, the queen of beauty, slept wearing a gold face mask, whose beneficial properties were used to cleanse, nourish, and regenerate the skin.

But what properties does gold have exactly? Gold can boost the production of elastin fibres and is used even in cosmetic surgery. Its detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties help protect the skin against the aggression of free radicals. In medicine, the use of colloidal gold is becoming increasingly widespread. Colloidal gold helps harmonise mental balance and physiologic functions. Modern medicine has also discovered gold’s effectiveness in alleviating swelling caused by arthritis, rheumatism, bursitis, and tendinitis.

Lately, the use of cosmetic gold in cosmetic surgery and natural cosmetics has reached the world of the stars. Gold leaf-based beauty treatments give an extra glow to the skin right from their first application. Facialist Mimi Luzon’s gold leaf mask is all the rage. Many stars and models request this treatment before a red carpet event, a catwalk show, or any major event, and they are all extremely happy with it. How come? Gold leaf treatments, such as Mimi Luzon’s, remove imperfections and wrinkles in a natural way, without altering the shape of one’s face. The 24-carat gold leaf mask is applied to the skin for ten minutes. After the treatment, the skin is visibly more uniform with a brighter complexion. The glow effect lasts for 4 or 5 days.

Further research in the natural cosmetics, phytotherapy, and aromatherapy industries has demonstrated how gold and silver can help the body and mind acquire new energy and vitality.

Prof. Barbara Burroni, a naturopath and holistic medicine specialist, has created a range of cosmetic gold called Divina Essentia. The range combines ancient knowledge and innovative technologies to help women keep their skin healthy and glowing over time. Divina Essentia products are made with top-quality raw materials and contain Giusto Manetti Battiloro pure 23-carat gold and pure silver.

Gold’s properties allow it to be recognised as a unique product for body and skincare.

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