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A prize in pure gold leaf.

A prize in gold leaf: the latest feature at the eight edition of the historic French film festival France Odeon, scheduled to take place in Florence from 28th October to 1st November 2016.

The event has been developed and organised by Associazione France Odeon, founded in 2009 by the French Embassy in Italy and the Tuscany Region. Its main aim is the promotion of French cinema and culture in general throughout Italy, starting with Florence and Tuscany.

The name is inspired by the Odéon cinema, Paris and also pays homage to historic Piazza Strozzi, once an important film screening venue.

The festival’s eighth edition shall host a series of actors and feature numerous events, transforming the city of Florence into a French film icon animated by a line-up of big names from the world of film.

A new feature at the eighth edition of this film festival is the prize in gold leaf which shall be awarded to the festival’s best film. The prize shall be awarded by a panel of three big names from the world of culture and entertainment. The actress Margherita Buy, the producer Angelo Curti and the critic Fabio Ferzetti.

The uniqueness of this award is even palpable in its name. It shall be crafted from true 24 kt gold leaf, almost suspended in mid-air, specially created for the event by Giusto Manetti Battiloro S.p.A., world leader of gold leaf production.

Gold leaf is a symbol of merit and value, not to mention craftsmanship and skill, and offers an excellent representation of the spirit of the France Odeon award, a homage to the talent of its participants in what has come to be considered as the “seventh art”.

One of the winners of the prize in gold leaf was actor Gerard Depardieu with film Tour de France.

Cannes has its Palme D’or, Venice its Golden Lion, and now the French film festival has been crowned with its very own prize in pure gold leaf.

prize in gold leaf france odeon

The delivery of the award to the actor Gerard Depardieu

A prize in gold leaf: the assessor Monica Barni

The assessor Monica Barni

a prize in gold leaf: the actress margherita buy

The actress Margherita Buy

A prize in gold leaf: the artist guy ribes

The artist Guy Ribes

a prize in gold leaf: the jury of the event

The giury 

A prize in gold leaf: the award ceremony

The award ceremony

a prize in gold leaf france odeon

prize in gold leaf france odeon


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