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Auleum, a new blend of quality and elegance.

The edible gold-infused oil with 23 carat edible gold Giusto Manetti Battiloro has a name: Auleum.

A new product that brings oil, gold, and art together. A top quality mix that combines the elegance of gold and the design of its diamond-shaped bottle. This is Auleum, the edible gold-infused oil with 23-carat edible gold by Giusto Manetti Battiloro.

This new product is the extra virgin olive oil that combines the precious quality of the taggiasca olives (typical of Liguria) and the shine and richness of 23-carat gold flakes by Giusto Manetti Battiloro.

The idea of Auleum came to six entrepreneurs from Savona, who, after exploring foreign markets, decided to make it an international product, choosing the markets that could better appreciate this project with such a special aesthetic value. A bottle of Auleum contains the roots of a territory, the oil of the Garello oil mill based in Nasino, near Savona, where the olive trees are cared for, one by one, away from the humidity of the sea, and the ceramic art of Tullio Mazzotti, who created a collection of maiolica (a special ceramic typical of Majorca) bottle tops.

Edible gold has been widely used in the food industry since ancient times. The 23-carat edible gold by Giusto Manetti Battiloro blends perfectly with the golden shades of olive oil. This way, a bottle of Auleum is like a painting that depicts the light of Italy and the splendour of its art.

Auleum is a combination of three elements that make up a top-quality artisanal product that acquires value over time: the delicacy of taggiasche olives, the luxurious gold flakes, and a bottle whose top is a unique piece of the exclusive ICON 2016 collection.

The 2016 icons are the story of a chance meeting that tells about the refined beauty of this material that results in an elegant and inimitable collections, as authentic and unique as the AULEUM experience.

The presentation of edible gold-infused oil Auleum

The presentation of edible gold-infused oil Auleum

The presentation of edible gold-infused oil Auleum


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