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A truly feminine Christmas flavour.

Directly from the fashion world, metallic shades will be in vogue during the holiday season … and it will not be the only trend this Christmas!

Pink and Gold are sophisticated nuances that have blended perfectly into the world of interior design, fashion and food design, giving Giusto Manetti Battiloro the opportunity to dedicate Christmas to women through new combinations of the precious gold leaf in all its forms.

Gold and silver take on a truly feminine character with colour tones that excite us with sweet and delicate auras.

Pink and Gold Christmas decorations bring an elegant and magical atmosphere to the home, with colour tones that convey delicacy and sweetness. Rose pink, in fact, has always been linked to positivity and hope; it represents gratitude, understanding and tenderness, and transmits tranquillity and zest for life. Its connection with the feminine world has been ongoing since the Eighties, when it was attributed mainly with the value of femininity. According to Pantone Rose Quartz is one of the colours of 2016. It goes well with shades of gold, giving a feminine and chic touch to the home’s Christmas atmosphere.

Giusto Manetti Battiloro recounts his Christmas through a tree laden with emotions: balls gilded by hand with gold leaf shimmer with rose reflections, giving the office a sweet and chic atmosphere which is perfectly in line with the trends that guide us and our young and dynamic activity through the current market logics.

pink and gold christmas tree


Table decorations tinged with Pink and Gold Leaf

In food design, the Pink and Gold trend is reflected above all in the art of Christmas table decoration and culinary creations. Knowing how to set the table, taking care of the details tastefully and looking for the right style are important details for a creative Christmas dinner. Pink and Gold Christmas decorations such as glass candle holders with embossed decorations, pine cones, berries, flowers and golden trays, lend the Christmas decoration allure and preciousness, turning the table and the living room into original and magical environments.

But the table is not alone in being the protagonist of the most awaited time of the year. The use of edible gold as an ornament lets one indulge in culinary decorations with refined taste, both in the creations of great chefs and for more simple homemade recipes such as Christmas cookies, cakes and sweets.

Straight from the world of cake design come the new homemade doughnuts, soft and scrumptious fried cakes covered with a rose icing, and edible gold to create delicious golden shades that reflect the tints of rose pink.

To prepare the rose icing, hot water, 50 grams of dark chocolate, rose pink food colouring, 150 grams of powdered sugar and 20 grams of butter are needed. After applying the icing over the doughnuts, with the help of tweezers decorate the entire surface with edible gold flakes, taking care not to damage the outer skin.

Once ready, the doughnut bases are perfect for holding white candles, thus making a delightful candle holder / placeholder.

A viable alternative? A cheesecake with all rose pink ingredients such as raspberries and strawberries and decorated with pralines, sugar and a sprinkling of 23 kt edible gold crumbs on the surface. Sweet culinary and artistic intuitions that give Christmas decorations a “girly” style inspired by shabby taste.

Doughnut pink and gold with edible gold flakes

Doughnuts with pink icing and edible gold

cheesecake pink and gold with edible gold crumbs

Cheesecake with pink ingredients and a sparkling of edible gold


Pink and Gold Leaf interior design

The colours that will make the home modern are those that evoke nature, soothing colours that enhance the design of functional and snappy furniture. According to the 2016 home trends, the legacy of past years, made of dominant colours and black and white contrast, is giving way to natural colours. The brown of the earth and all its shades, autumn colours, yellow, peach, beige and burgundy and finally the favourite colours of 2016, ” Rose Quartz” and “Serenity” blue unleash creativity and give a touch of elegance and tranquillity to the environments. The home will be transformed into a place of refuge to escape from chaotic modern life.

Unexaggerated, neat and sophisticated styling, reflecting the personality of its inhabitants, makes the home truly unique with the creation of custom corners thanks to light effects which highlight the attention to fine detail.

To give the home a touch of luxury, some gold details can be added that become synonymous with a woman’s touch. The precious metal par excellence is perfect for wrapping the rooms in a sparkling, delicate and timeless allure.

Giusto Manetti Battiloro has succeeded in his intent to create settings that evoke the daily presence of a woman and has tried to imagine her in her routine activities. Images that portray her during the different hours of the day and in spaces full of feminine emotions, through a combination of pink and gold colours.

pink and gold bedroom

Pink and gold bedroom

pink and gold office

Pink and gold office

pink and gold shopping area

Pink and gold shopping area

Pink and gold relax area

Pink and gold relaxing area


Pink and Gold Leaf make-up

The makeup of 2016 plays on intense and bright shades, which can be applied in imaginative matches. Rose and Blue, the colours of winter sunsets and sober and elegant flowers that bloom, cannot be left out of the everyday beauty case. Even fashion has chosen them, showing them off on the catwalks over the last few months.

A makeup that matches pink and gold fits both daytime and evening, is perfect for a coffee with friends as well as for an important event. In the evening the eyes can be intensified with more colour, thus creating an intense makeup that contrasts with the dark of the sky.

Makeup is an essential part of a woman’s attire for New Year’s Eve 2017, the most scintillating night of the year. Other than rose and blue, 2016 is “gold fever”. The precious metal shines and glistens every hour of day and night. The “star” hue is natural rose, suitable for all women whatever their eye, hair and complexion’s natural colours. Rose is the symbol par excellence of natural makeup, perfect for an eye shadow to be applied from the root of the lashes almost up to the eyebrows. Golden touches like smoky shades on the eyes or on the eyelids light up the face and give the eyes and the skin a brighter and wonderfully glamorous colour.

For lovers of simplicity, a bare face and a golden eye shadow, matched with a natural rose coloured lipstick, is perfect for New Year’s Eve.

The pink hue is a wildcard on the lips that any woman can show off at any age. Elegantly and discreetly, together with golden crumbs, this colour gives highlight and volume.

Even in the Autumn-Winter 2016/2017 hair trends, rose is the undisputed star. The pink- gold hue will be the most trendy and fashionable colour, a mix of extravagance and delicate pastel tones, worthy of the most avid fashion followers.

pink and gold make up

Example of a pink and gold application for make-up via None Fashion and Beauty

beauty gold eyes makeup

An example of Beauty Gold Line application


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