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The restoration of the government headquarters of New York.

Since ancient times, the technique of gold leafing has played a very important role in the decorative art of numerous countries.

Numerous artists used it to enhance sacredness, wealth and power. As of today, the use of gold leaf is capable of providing monuments and artistic works of all shapes and sizes with new light.

Approximately 200 Giusto Manetti Battiloro booklets of 5 double-thickness leaves of 23.5 carats were used to restore the  New Hampshire State House Dome, the government headquarters of the state of New Hampshire, in the United States.

Designed in 1814, the structure was subsequently built by the architect Stuart Park, in the years 1816 – 1819. The building is evocative of Greek architecture in style, developed between the 18th and 19th centuries and considered to be one of the examples of the final stage of development of neoclassical architecture. The entrance is covered by a small portico supported by Doric columns. Inside, it houses 107 flags of war representing respectively the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, the First World War, the Second World War and the Vietnam War. There is a balustrade alongside the overlooking balcony, divided by Corinthian columns that support a pediment. The windows of the first floor are rectangular; those on the second floor are arched and those on the third floor are of square panes. An octagonal structure with large windows supports the golden dome with little windows of rounded shape. Finally, above the dome once rose a golden wooden statue of an eagle of war, replaced in 1957 by an eagle of peace.

The project regarding the restoration of the New Hampshire State House Dome and of the eagle statue was undertaken by a team of three professionals from the Evergreene Architectural Arts Studio of New York. Their professionalism and expertise on the creation and conservation of artistic works enabled them to tend to the whole process of gold leafing of the dome and eagle statue down to the finest detail, following step-by-step the process of applying the glue for sticking on the gold leaf and proceeding finally with the application of the leaf itself.

Despite the fact that the use of gold leaf requires particular care and delicacy, it continues to be one of the main products chosen for the art of restoration in Italy and around the world.

New Hampshire State HouseNew Hampshire State House


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