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Rimini hosts the international trade fair of haute patisserie.

On 25 January, the 37th edition of SIGEP 2017 came to a close; the national haute craft patisserie, ice-cream and bread making, alongside the world of coffee.

Held in Rimini from 21 to 25 January 2017 and ongoing since 1980, the trade fair is famous both nationally and internationally as an exclusive meeting point for professional operators and the most famous chefs from the world over. With a total of 205,000 registered exhibitors (Source: ANSA) and an increase of 29% in foreign presence, it is the unmissable annual opportunity to get ahead with the very latest in the field of haute patisserie and with the sector’s technological innovations.

In the main exhibition areas, a multitude of chefs, pastry chefs, master chocolatiers and international master ice cream makers displayed to the visitors the most beautiful creations in the world of haute patisserie, chocolaterie and high quality ice cream. Sponges, mini patisserie, ice cream cakes, multi-tiered cakes, decorative cakes, chocolates in every form and flavour fascinated those present with both the unlikely combinations of ingredients and the unusual decorations, from the most colourful to the minimal. This unique experience allowed visitors to experiment and truly understand the market of handcrafted sweets, with a programme that included creative and culinary performances in haute patisserie and chocolaterie.

One of the “shining” innovations in the spotlight at SIGEP 2017 was without a doubt the widespread presence of edible gold and silver, found on nearly all the creations on display. From subtle highlights to full decoration, the precious metals were one of the most-used decorative elements, both as a “touch of gold or silver” or as a finish to the entire creation. Amongst those using the product were the Valrhona and Caffarel chocolates, the Pavoni Italia pastries, the Mono project by Gianluca Fusto and Ernst Knam’s “Demone e Angelo” sculpture, the Alcas ice creams and the Fugar vegan specialities, without forgetting the schools, such as Arte Dolce from Rimini.

Pleasantly surprised and proud of this new trend, we hope that the decorative use of edible gold and silver aroused the curiosity of visitors, in the wish that it will continue to be considered and used as the element of glamour and sophistication in the world of haute patisserie.

Sigep 2017 cafarel creationSigep 2017 Pastry Designer FuscoPavoni creation at SIGEP 2017


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