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Made in Italy out in the world.

Giusto Manetti Battiloro gold leaf for “Florence in New York”.

Giusto Manetti Battiloro has the pleasure of being one of the protagonists of “ Florence in New York ”, an international superior crafts fair that will be held in Metropolitan Western in New York from the 15th to the 17th of May. Three entire days dedicated to Made in Italy, more precisely Made in Tuscany. Florence in New York, conceived and promoted by the VASARI Consortium, will be an opportunity to bring the excellence of the Region of Tuscany directly to New York, through a fair dedicated entirely to craftsmanship. USA operators and buyers will be able to discover and touch globally unique products of the highest quality, as well as discovering and tasting Tuscan food and wine. Florence in New York responds to the mission of the VASARI Consortium of accompanying companies in the difficult process of internationalisation, promoting Made in Tuscany products throughout the world. The five categories of superior crafts present at the exhibition are: the gold sector, where businesses will exhibit particular fashion accessories and their own precious metal creations; leather, where artisans specialised in processing leather will tell their story through unique and instantly recognisable items; design, told through products whose beauty is recognised worldwide; fashion, where Made in Italy takes life through products created with passion and wisdom; food and wine, which emanates the scents and flavours of the Tuscan land.

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On Monday 15th of May the fair will open with a performance by the Bandierai degli Uffizi, a group of flag-wavers that symbolise Florentine culture, recognised throughout the world for the originality and spectacular nature of their performances.

Next, on the occasion of the dinner dedicated to tasting Tuscan cuisine, the chef-entrepreneur Gabriele Corcos, owner of the restaurant The Tuscany Gun in Brooklyn (New York) and main creator of the American television show Extra Virgin, will be present. In collaboration with the chef and owner of the Cantinetta di Bolgheri, Massimo Tanini, Gabriele Corcos will create a dish decorated with Giusto Manetti Battiloro edible gold for those present. A gift box will also be distributed, within which Giusto Manetti Battiloro will gift recipients with a booklet with 5 leaves of edible gold. The evening will end with an opera concert, featuring the baritone Devid Cecconi (2016 debut at the premiere of the Teatro della Scala in Milan) and the soprano Georgina Stelbow, accompanied on the piano by the maestro Massimo Barsotti.

The company will also have a presence at the fair with a stand dedicated to gold leaf and its products, such as gold leaf for gilding, edible gold, Gold Chef flavoured gold and the line dedicated to cosmetics Beauty Gold.

Giusto Manetti Battiloro gladly welcomes this experience and is happy to be able to introduce its company to foreign markets, a company whose products are made by the expert hands of craftsmen using processes handed down from generation to generation

The international fair “ Florence in New York ” was created as part of the Regional Operational Programme – European Fund for Regional Development (POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020). We thank the following institutions for having funded the operation: the European Union, which permitted the implementation of the project as part of the “Regional Development Project”, the Italian Republic, the Region of Tuscany and the VASARI Consortium.

We also thank our partners the Municipality of Florence, Confartigianato of Florence, Confindustria of Florence, the CNA of Florence,  and the Florentine and Italian Trade Agency for the important contribution that made the implementation of an event that is so important for Tuscany and its ancient traditions possible.

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