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The Rocca di Staggia Senese dressed in gold

The castle of Staggia Senese, or of the Franzesi family, is a striking setting located in the namesake hamlet near Poggibonsi, in the province of Siena. The earliest references to the fortress date back to 994. Because of its strategic position, it was the scene of encounters and clashes between the Florentines and the Sienese for hundreds of years. During the weekend of 16-17 September 2017, the fortress hosted a special event, whose main theme was gold. The event was conceived and organized by the Fondazione La Rocca di Staggia, organized by Donatella Bagnoli, the structure’s artistic director. Every year, the castle renews and commemorates the peace treaty between Siena and Florence, which was signed in 1360 in the Rocca di Staggia, carried out by the Franzesi, knights of the King of France, around the Great Table. At the center of the event is gold, used in extraordinary and surprising creations, exceptional combinations, and installations that bring to “light” not only the preciousness and richness typical of this precious metal, but also its sacrality. Another of the event’s common threads is Brunelleschi (whose golden dome, now famous all the world over, was restored in 1600 by the Manetti family). With his guidance in 1431, Brunelleschi contributed to connecting the local city walls with those of the castle, forming what is called the fortress keep. Inside and outside the fortress were interactive installations, theater-dance performances, light-and-sound shows on the walls, sound experiments, animated readings, and tastings that involved the public in a magical itinerary. Here are the creations that made Manetti gold, in all its diverse forms, the main attraction:

Stardust, produced by the
Distilleria Artigianale Albani.
A limited edition of a special Chianti grappa, with only three bottles, decorated with crumbs of gold to enhance its elegance and refinement.



Enjoying sweets, jewelry to wear, produced by Opera waiting 100% natural.
Ancient grains and organic flours to create inventions and new interpretations of tradition, thanks to the inventiveness of the artist-confectioner Gabriele Ciacci. Biscuit circles become rings to be worn and enjoyed in an unusual way.



La Torre D’oro, produced by Opera Waiting 100% Natural.

A special panettone, 5-10 kg, placed on the top of the Lombard tower, a room open to a starry sky that forms its roof. An unusual taste given by its ingredients: saffron, whiskey, and chamomile that reveal inside a golden soul.



Gold even appeared this time as a precious material used to enhance objects and foods, owing to its important historical and symbolic value. Giusto Manetti Battiloro is proud to support and encourage these kinds of events.

ROCCA-DI STAGGIA-di-luce-e-oro


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