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In this competition, the best chefs will have to demonstrate in a video how they prepare and present their best plates.

The World Gourmet Society (WGS) is a renowned club that brings together lovers of gourmet food and professionals from the field.

Founded in 2011 by Matthias Tesi Baur and guided by a strong ethical code, the company is an honest-to-goodness incubator/meeting place where food lovers plus chefs and writers, as well as restaurant managers and owners, can meet to exchange ideas.

The association’s primary aim is to constantly search for fashionable trends in the gourmet sector and the most unique spots in each city as well as to discover up-and-coming areas and unexplored places abounding in innovation and tradition, and to promote new culinary ideas and young talents in the industry.

On 24 June 2017, WGS announced the “Best Plate Challenge”, a contest that invites the world’s best creative chefs to show off their best dish and their own cooking skills in a self-produced video.


Specifically, in order to participate in this contest, chefs must send a video in which they themselves are seen during the preparation and presentation of their best dish.

To win the competition, it is essential that the chef’s own creativity, personality, and individuality be conveyed.

To be accepted in the competition, chefs must be able to surprise and entertain the viewer, as they demonstrate their enthusiasm for haute cuisine as authentically and straightforwardly as possible.

This is a unique occasion to showcase one’s own kitchen brigade (the team that works daily with the chef), work environment, ingredients, and the most sophisticated techniques, drawing also upon the culinary tradition of one’s country of origin.

Indeed, many Italians have taken part in this challenge, each with his/her individual style and personality, ready to give the best of themselves and bring the Made in Italy concept to the world.

“This year we’ve changed the World Gourmet Festival’s format into a competition to give chefs from around the world the opportunity to present their best dish,” explains Matthias Tesi Baur, founder of WGS.

“Ever since the contest was announced, I’ve been impressed by the number of Italian chefs who’ve shown creativity, skill, and dedication in the preparation and presentation of food at an haute-cuisine level.

“Italian chefs offer a great example of how food can be part of a culture and how people can prepare it with enthusiasm and pride.

“For this reason, I’m happy, not to mention proud, to be able to present at the awards ceremony in Florence the best Italian chefs who’ve sent their videos to the competition.”

Videos will be screened by a jury of more than 50,000 gourmet lovers in addition to a popular jury made up of Facebook and YouTube users.

In addition, the videos will be sent to more than 1,000 food and wine journalists, offering the chefs a unique opportunity to showcase their work before a highly qualified industry audience.

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The ten winners will be announced on 23 October 2017 at the event (by invitation) to be held at 6 pm in Florence, at the Grand Hotel Cavour in Via del Proconsolo.

The award ceremony will also be attended by Andy Hayler, the only gourmet critic in the world to have visited all of the 3-star Michelin restaurants on the planet.

The event’s sponsors include many Tuscan concerns that will give the winners a supply of their own flagship products.

Among these, those that stand out are:

  • Gold Chef edible gold produced by Giusto Manetti Battiloro
  • VKA vodka from Tuscany
  • Del Duca traditional balsamic vinegar
  • A professional course at the Carpigiani Gelateria
  • Donne Fittipaldi Wines
  • A uniform from
  • Products from Savini Tartufi
  • Dievole EVO oil
  • A selection of wines distributed by Cuzziol
  • A set of Berti brand knives

There will be aperitifs with Bergère champagne at the end of the contest.

The roll-up of the Italian finale:

WGS best plate challenge italian finale roll up



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