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Looking for extraordinary plates and forgotten cultures, in Italy and the world

Travelling in pursuit of one’s own passions is everybody’s dream.

It is nice to read the stories of those who succeeded and follow them in their adventures.

Chiara Caprettini is one of them.

Food Writer, Blogger, sommelier, and traveller, she was born in 1987 in Turin, the city where she also grew up.

She has been writing all her life, and in 2015 she launched Nordfoodovestest, a blog in which she narrates about herself, her journeys, and her passions.

Attracted by the world of language, literature, and northern landscapes, she graduated in German philology and became Sommelier AIS (AIS Sommelier Association) making one of dreams come true, and starting an itinerary that would make her write about fascinating and remote food and wine realities.

Nordfoodovestest, a blog that became a book, is a real journey through dishes, tastes, traditions, populations, Italian and foreign, popular and unpopular uses and costumes.

Where did this project originate?

According to the writer, in Portugal, during a journey in the small town of Amoreira where she met the producer of Vinho Verde, whose taste bewitched her.

Nordfoodovestest started there together with the desire of narrating about different kinds of food and the people that creates it with love and passion, from north to south, from the sea to the mountains, all over the world.

Giusto Manetti Battiloro was one of the small realities protagonists of this itinerary.

We are proud of the contribution given by our gold to the wonderful recipes realised by Chiara for her interesting book.


Many other are the brands involved, such as Hermes, Mepra, La Spada, overbeckandfriends, and Seletti.

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A gourmet recipe made of rice and gold leaves Manetti Battiloro

The characteristic of this recipe is the ROMA type RICE 100% Italian, which was offered, with a minimum donation, by FOCSIV, a charitable organisation supporting poor countries and Italian rice-growers.


abbiamo riso per una cosa seria chiara caprettini


Link to recipe

A cheesecake to celebrate, coconut, wild berries, and gold powder.

Delicate cake, fast to be prepared, made of ricotta, wild berries, and two very special ingredients:

The Golamera di Panela (chocolate and hazelnuts cream), and the Gold Powder Manetti Battiloro.

cheesecake and gold


Link to recipe.

Brown rice with ginger tea, and gold crumbs on sea bass marinated with grapefruit.

One of the main ingredients of this recipe, apart from the gold crumbs Manetti Battiloro, is the RISO ACQUA E SOLE, organic rice 100% Italian, and specifically the brown, aromatic, “originario” variety il Moro, with low glycaemic index and extraordinary aroma and taste.

Brown rice with ginger tea, and gold crumbs on sea bass marinated with grapefruit



Link to recipe.

Scallop with gold leaf on crunchy base with colour contrast.

A dish full of poetry, with its “strong” delicacy and a fragment of light at the top, as a symbol of beauty found along our journey.

Main ingredients:

Whole wheat organic spaghetti by Sgambaro and a gold flake Manetti Battiloro.




Link to recipe.

The book:




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