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Virgilio Sieni’s Avenue of Gold was one of 2017’s most striking events.

A long carpet covered with Manetti gold leaf graced Florence’s Isolotto district for three days, and was paired with an interesting show that focused on body language and gesture culture.

Virgilio Sieni, choreographer and dancer known in Italy and worldwide, founded the Compagnia Virgilio Sieni in 1922. His company has created numerous artistic projects focused on dance and choreography, alternating stage shows and unusual arrangements for roving spectators in such diverse and uncommon places as parks, woods, even museums.

The project includes Cango, since 2015, the home of the Centro di produzioni sui linguaggi del corpo e della danza, and the Accademia sull’Arte del Gesto, which has developed a unique training program aimed at creating a range of initiatives that bring together dancers and people of all ages, from infancy to old age, as well as the blind.

This gold-illuminated event in Florence’s Isolotto originated with the academy itself via the project “Nuovi Cantieri Culturali Isolotto“, conceived by Virgilio Sieni himself. The event took place on 22-24 September 2017, enlivening the district’s streets with a unique cultural activity.

Inhabitants, professionals, and students attended this reflection on the area, assembling a series of choreographic, musical and poetic acts, spread out over three days of performances, meetings, exhibitions, open lessons, and walkways.

The public was invited to follow these paths along which they encountered choreographies crafted and built around the action of replanting trees and to rediscover closed spaces that have become photography galleries to be opened for encounters in shops and squares.

This project has blended gestures, the landscape, and the city’s suburbs, seen as a cultural and social workshop for the city’s renewal.



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