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The sweet creations of Debora Vena

With its simple and airy appearance, the fascinating world of confectionery is rich with art and creativity, as well as chefs of enviable skill, like the pastry chef Debora Vena.

This competitive profession requires years of study, practice, and continuous training to keep up with trends.

With an enterprising and determined character, Debora Vena, a pastry chef from Verona, regularly surprises us with the wonderful colors and flavors of her creations.

Having finished her studies, she graduated in 2011 with excellent marks. She has pursued her passion by participating in national competitions, following the best industry professionals in Italy and abroad, traveling between the United States, England, and Lithuania.

Her elegant, essential style reflects her professional philosophy, displaying a great talent for harmoniously mixing colors and flavors.

Her personal successes include placing third as “the greatest pastry chef”, broadcast on Rai2 in 2015.

The youngest of all the competitors, Debora faced the challenge with courage and determination, demonstrating her spirit and skill.

Among the outstanding ingredients used masterfully by this pastry chef, we must include edible gold. In fact, each of her delicious creations is embellished with a touch of light using edible gold or silver, all produced by Giusto Manetti Battiloro.

But what led her to decorate her creations with this fascinating raw material? Here is a brief interview:

Why do you use gold and silver in your creations?

“The underlying elements in creating my products are study and attention to detail; decorating them with gold and silver is a way for me to communicate their preciousness and to bring attention to even the smallest details.”

What effect does it have on customers?

“Amazement, especially when they are told that it is pure gold and silver.”

Is it used in your world? How do other pastry chefs view it?

“Yes, it is a product used frequently in my world, but not by everyone. I believe that the product and its use varies according to the view of each professional. ”

Do they use it only under certain circumstances?

“I think there are times in the year when the product is used more often – during the Christmas holidays, for example. However, I think it all depends on what role the dessert is given. ”

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