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Masaharu’s Gilded Aellambler is nominated for the competition

Here comes the secondCustom Rumble, a big-time contest dedicated to the Special Scrambler. Moreover, one of the contenders on display is an opulent Aellambler. This year, in addition to the Ducati dealers, the contest has also been opened to Scrambler and Customizer customers. In other words, it is open to anyone who likes to do original and individual customizations of the various types of motorcycles. Voting for your favorite bike continues until 20 March 2018!

There are beautiful custom bikes in competition. One of the most unusual is decorated in genuine gold leaf – the gilded Aellambler, with fine finishes and entirely hand-gilded by the master craftsman Masaharu-san. The bike was carried out right behind the Aella Japan motorcycle component factory.

Aellambler, gold leaf gilding by Masaharu, components by Aella Japan.

This graceful and elegant model is in the “Best Independent Customizer” category of the competition. With a soft, rounded cut, the body is a single piece illuminated with real gold. We can certainly speak of a mix between cutting-edge technology and artistic tradition. In fact, the body is the result of a 3D-modeling design using totally handcrafted decoration with the classic gold-leaf gilding technique.

It is not a novelty. Gold leaf has very often been used in motorcycle customization, almost always for the decorative details that embellish the piece. Then there are those who decide to make their piece unique by decorating it completely in gold leaf, as in the case of the Vespa Polini. We can even find helmets with beautiful, elaborate designs decorated in gold. This particular technique provides the opportunity for those who do this work to create elegant, eye-catching, and original finishes using a naturally durable material. Its shine is suitable for combinations of bright or muted colors, depending on the desired effect. Indeed, it is appropriate for rounded surfaces that enhance the iridescent look of the metal.

Masaharu-san has created an exclusive and sumptuous masterpiece. The gold leaves were applied one by one on the body by this skilled Japanese craftsman; a second layer of gold leaves was then applied to achieve that distinctive texturing. The juxtaposition with the brown leather seat gives everything a much more luxurious look. At the moment, it appears to be one of the coolest bikes in the competition.

We are eagerly awaiting the four finalists and the ultimate winner!

Aellambler, gold leaf gilding by Masaharu, components by Aella Japan.Aellambler, gold leaf gilding by Masaharu, components by Aella Japan.

Via: designboom



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