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The trend of using edible gold and silver confirmed at SIGEP 2018


This year the 39th SIGEP 2018 Fair at Rimini Fiera set a record with an attendance figure of 209,135. Of these, 135,746 were Italian buyers and 32,202 were foreign buyers from 180 countries. This high-quality artisanal confectionery show for the international foodservice sector has ridden the wave and is one of the most important Italian trade fairs. The Made in Italy brand of artisanal desserts is growing fast thanks to a dynamic, creative, and innovative supply chain. In fact, international demand has increased and Italians have responded with advanced training and strategic innovation, resulting in many innovative trends and ideas that range from ice-creams to confectionery, baking, and coffee. Following this wave of innovation, the foodstuff decoration and food coloring sectors have been confirmed as an important ingredient for this most recent fair.

The myriad brilliantly iridescent decorations, gold and silver in dust and flakes were all handled masterfully by the many pastry chefs, baristas, and ice-cream makers. With an increasing focus on health and the ever more significant interest in artificial intelligence and robotics, as seen at SIGEP in both 2017 and 2018, edible gold and silver have found a prominent place at the fair. Indeed, there was a strong movement toward using colored glitter with petals in edible gold- or silver-leaf to create glamorous decorations with a strong visual impact. Edible gold and silver are now regularly regarded as indispensable decorative elements, ideal for creating rich tones and shimmering contrasts. Gold evokes the sun’s brilliance with its warm, shiny reflections; silver’s opaque off-white color recalls water, glass crystal, and diamonds.

One of the most unique ice cream parlor innovations was unquestionably the Rubicone Company’s “Black Hawaii” ice cream. As seen previously withVetulio Bondi and his ice cream decorated with Giusto Manetti Battiloro’s edible gold, this natural vegetable-charcoal ice cream seems to have a detoxifying effect on the body.

Even Gelato Lingotto ice-cream maker Marinaccio from Prato presented an elegant luxurious ice cream covered in edible gold petals for refined palates.

As for confectionery, one of the undisputed stars of SIGEP 2018 was the great Iginio Massari whose creations never lacked for slivers of shiny edible gold.

Gold dominated chocolate with the chocolate king Ernst Knam’s creation of a chocolate egg decorated with edible gold leaf, the crown jewel of the Aethaneum Comprital event


Let’s not forget the confectioner Gino Fabbri whos presence for Tecnoarredamenti was marked by “Quadrum” and “Opera”, the latter a dessert made of almond biscuit, dark chocolate ganache, coffee cream, and edible gold. Dario Comini created the “Black Martini” decorated with edible gold for the Fabbri Company that, since 1905, has supplied products and ingredients to ice-cream makers, confectioners, chefs, baristas, and consumers.

Montebianco and Caffarel displayed cakes and pies whose bright colors and tones made your mouth water.

The new pastry chef from Crea – Made in Italy decided to exhibit some sweets with gold. Like last year, the following used SIGEP 2018 to highlight the use of edible gold and silver: Belcolade, in association with Puratos; Di Costanzo Patisserie for Cove; Cierreesse; Emanuele Valsecchi for Arte Sapori; Team Massari – Agrimontana, with Francesco Boccia and his “Italian Espresso”; Dalmasso Alta Pasticceria Italiana; GelatiItalia; Babbi; Comprital’s Giubileo Experience program with Gianluca Fusto and Filippo Novelli; and Irca’s introduction of the poetic “Sole di Mezzanotte”, “Mezzaluna di Frolla” and “Sicily”.

Among the many meetings, cooking classes, and displays, edible gold and silver at SIGEP 2018 certainly highlighted a milestone in the world of edible decoration, semi-finished pastry products, and food coloring.



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