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A golden sphere, symbol of environmental rebirth

The exhibition “Il Terzo Giorno” has just ended, a very important artistic event with 40 participating artists, including Marina Abramović, Roger Ballen, Jhon Isaacs, and Sebastião Salgado. The 117 works on display focused on raising consciousness regarding respect for the environment, a metaphorical theme as seen by the name chosen for the exhibition. Indeed, “The Third Day” is a biblical reference to the third day of creation when plants and their well-being were produced. The union between these two themes lies in the willingness of all those who participated in the exhibition, to do something useful for the environment.

Not coincidentally, the “noblest” element of the event (in addition to the value of the artists’ works) was the decision to turn over 50% of the exhibition’s proceeds to the city of Parma, to put towards the completion of the “Kilometro Verde” (“Green Kilometer”) project. In fact, this project foresees the creation of an 11-km long, wooded park along the motorway in the Parma area. This would result in numerous advantages for the community and the environment, such as a reduction in CO2, air pollution, and noise in population centers, and improving the landscape. This was an exceptional event as it was the first time that an exhibition in Italy proved to be fundamental not only for its cultural impact but also for the environment.

There were about 10,000 visitors, probably taken by a desire to understand and be amazed by these works of art, while also contributing to the “Green Kilometer” project. In addition, 2,000 children took part in the workshops tailored to promote their expressivity and imagination.

PIAZZA GARIBALDI PARMA GOLDEN SPHEREA.L.F.A. 1. – The golden sphere in Piazza Garibaldi, Parma

A work by Anna Ippolito and Marzio Zorio: A.L.F.A. 1, the event’s symbol was a huge golden sphere, 300 cm in diameter, suspended on the facade of the Governor’s Palace. The consensus among inhabitants and visitors was very broad as the work’s immediate advantage was its harmonious assimilation with the artistic beauty of Piazza Garibaldi. Using a water-based gilding technique, the work was covered with 1,600 Manetti imitation gold leaves by Anna Ippolito and Marzio Zorio with the idea of representing a rebirth.

A.L.F.A. 1 - THE GOLDEN SPHEREA.L.F.A. 1. – A work by Anna Ippolito and Marzio Zorio

Through its geometric shape, the sphere summarizes the ideal of perfection, in which the main elements that make up our existing one are expressed. From the planets to the nucleus of an atom, even the Sun, considered throughout of human history as the center of the universe, of time, and of life itself. The sphere also symbolizes the three-dimensional view of a point, seen either as a beginning or an end – depending on the decisions we make as humanity. In conclusion, this work in gold is a hymn to life and a warning to respect it and its mystery, which is as precious as its need to be protected.


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