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Il Compasso d’Oro 2018, the world’s most important award in design, celebrated the fusion between gold leaf and architecture

Il Compasso d’Oro (Gold Compass), now on its 25th edition, is the world’s oldest and most famous award in design. It was born in 1954 from an idea of Gio Ponti, with the purpose of bringing to life the works of new Italian designers. Initially curated by la Rinascente, in 1958 it was donated to ADI (Association for Industrial Design) that has been following the organization, impartiality and integrity since then. Since 2004, the Ministry for Cultural Heritage has declared the Collection of the award Compasso d’Oro ADI, “of outstanding artistic and historical interest “, making it part of the Italian national heritage.

IMG_8802-webThe project by Architect Rem Koolhaas, a famous Dutch architect founder of the OMA studios, changed an old ‘900 distillery in an elegant exposition centre

It is awarded every two years and it is regulated by the following mechanism: during the two years preceding the award, a pool of experts, designers, critics, historians and journalists select the most deserving products, projects and services inside the ADI Design Index. Then, an international competent panel of judges chooses the winners.

IMG_8810-web200.000 Giusto Manetti Battiloro gold leaves for the Haunted House, Fondazione Prada  (Milan, Italy)

In 2018, only 16 projects have received the award Compasso d’Oro out of more than 1200 participants, one of the winners was the Fondazione Prada. Created with 200.000 real gold leaves by Giusto Manetti Battiloro, the “Haunted House” has been awarded as “a cultural space highlighting the hosted initiatives, while producing meaningful relevance and experiences for the city of Milano” thanks to the “original combination of an architecture walking among preservation, creativity and sustainability”.

FONDAZIONE-PRADA-REM-KOOLHAAS-GIUSTO-MANETTI-BATTILOROThe Fondazione Prada, active since 1993, operates in the contemporary art and culture field


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