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The cut of the first wheel of Gran Mugello Ubaldino has always been a traditional Florentine festival since the XIIIth century

The historical farm “Il Palagiaccio”, like every year since the XIIIth century, organizes a big event to celebrate the cut of the first wheel of Gran Mugello Ubaldino. It is a type of half-cooked paste cheese whose weight is 6-7 kg and is exclusively produced by Il Palagiaccio with raw milk from farm cows. Its name comes from the fact that it needs at least a year of aging inside the “Grotte Ubaldine” situated deep down underneath the crenellated Tower of Il Palagiaccio. This place is very peculiar and is famous for being the residence of Ser Ugolino da Senni, brave Knight and illustrious member of the noble Ubaldini lineage, one of the families named by Dante in the Divine Comedy.

Giusto Manetti Battiloro, in the past years, is honored to be Special Guest of such important event for the people and tradition in Florence. This famous festival is held on October 7th 2018 in the Scarperia and is constituted by several events, like Medieval recollections, Foodblogger contests, hand grinding of flour and much more. In the hope you can participate at such important of a tradition, we list the program below.


3:00 pm.: at Palazzo dei Vicari there is the Mercato Straordinario dell’Antiquariato (Antiques Market);

3:30 – 5:30pm: in the garden opposite to the sale’s point of the Palagiaccio Farm, via Senni 40, hand milking will be shown;

4:30 pm: the “Arcieri delle Terre Nuove” group of the “Lega Arcieri Medioevali” (Medieval Archers) will held a show with Vintage Bows. Furthermore, inside the Palazzo dei Vicari there is an Exhibition in which it will be shown how to build vintage bows and all types of archery (bowguards, quivers, arrows);

5:00pm: the chef Luisanna Messeri, famous author and TV host, gives the award at the Foodblogger Contest “Latti da mangiare 2018”, where the Social Network chefs compete with their best recipes;

5.30pm: in the Piazza del Comune in front of Palazzo dei Vicari, there will be the Polenta Festival, with stone-grinded corn flour by Il Palagiaccio Farm;

6:00 pm: the official presentation of the female basketball team “Palagiaccio Pallacanestro Femminile Firenze” will be held. This year, they will play in the Italian female “B” league;

6:30 pm: as a tradition, in the fascinating “Palazzo dei Vicari”, the Mayor of Scarperia and San Piero will cut the first wheel of Gran Mugello Ubaldino year 2017, using the famous hand-made blades from the Maestri Coltellinai of Scarperia.


7:30 pm: underneath the loggia of the Palazzo dei Vicari, a tasting buffet of the excellence of the Palagiaccio Farm will be held.

8:30 pm: the group “Sbandieratori di Scarperia” will close the festival.


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