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At Giusto Manetti Battiloro we have always loved to do things the right way.

Over the five centuries of our company’s history we have faced and overcome epidemics, bombings and floods, coming out of every difficult situation with renewed determination, to improve the quality of our gold leaf and the well-being of those who work with us.


The international emergency that has come about due to COVID19 has forced us once again to face an unforeseen challenge, which we were not, however, unprepared for. With the authorization of the Prefect of Florence we resumed our activities on April 28th, and from May 4th onward we will be fully operational in compliance with all the provisions established by the Italian Government as well as local and health authorities.


The strict safety protocol that normally regulates our production facility in Florence has been further enhanced with the addition of two sanitizing operations per day, the most effective personal protective equipment (sanitizers, masks, gloves and Tyvek protective suits) and the redistribution of work spaces throughout the 9000 square meters of our headquarters.


Work shifts have been staggered and the company entrance points for personnel, cleaning and maintenance staff are regulated by thermoscanners with facial recognition. To guarantee the health of our staff and the absolute safety of our products, our suppliers have also undersigned the protocol in full and have taken on the commitment to be in total compliance with the procedures.


The production of our Gold Chef edible gold products continues, as usual, in a sterile environment and in compliance with all the most stringent regulations of the Italian Government, the European Union and the FDA (The US Food and Drug Administration) for the production of food products.



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