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Beauty Gold Industrial

The products line Beauty Gold Industrial, composed by flakes, crumbs and gold powder for cosmetic utilization, conceived for industrial realization of beauty products. Particularly used for the preparation of creams and soaps, gold is a renowned product for its detoxifying and antiinflammatory qualities, and for its capacities to restore the elastic fibers of the skin, besides.

    Beauty Gold powder 23 Kt

    Beauty Gold Industrial

    The powder is the ideal cut for the production of lipsticks, body and face cream, moisturizers, perfume and golden makeup.

    Beauty Gold crumbs 23 Kt

    Beauty Gold Industrial

    The crumbs, with their higher dimensions of the powder, can be used as an alternative in the production of lipsticks, face and body cream, moisturizers and liquid soaps. In that case the presence of gold will mainly stand out in the products.

    Beauty Gold flakes 23 Kt

    Beauty Gold Industrial

    Gold in flakes is an ideal cut for the preparation of luxurious cosmetics products like bath salts and for makeup.


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