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Gold Chef - Flavoured edible gold

From decoration to ingredient

Edible gold chef  with flavor and fragrance


Gold Chef  is the innovative line of flavored 23 kt gold food. Produced with natural raw materials, Gold Chef is no longer just a decoration for the plate, but is able to add flavor and fragrance the dish to which it is applied. With specially developed manufacturing processes the flavored edible gold is able to enhance the taste of the dishes, giving flavor and fragrance like a spice but also as traditional edible gold: a real aromatic decoration.

The shine and naturalness of gold combined with organically certified flavorings make Gold Chef a glamourous and tasty product, extremely versatile, which can be used both by Chefs and in the home. A revolution in the field of food decoration, flavored edible gold is an elegant decoration ideal for flavoring, as if it were a condiment, food and beverages of all kinds.

Gold Chef is now available in three different varieties: White Truffle flavor, natural Tropical Lime flavor and natural extract of Vanilla pods. The three flavors are the first of a range of natural flavors created specifically to enhance the decorative effect of gold food: from typical Tuscan flavors to tropical fragrances. The range of Gold Chef products is ideal to be enjoyed both at the restaurant, and to be experienced, during a special event or dinner, flavor combinations with elegant decorations.

To enjoy the flavor of Gold Chef it is advisable to decorate the dish, allowing time for the fragrance to spread and blend with the flavors of the food.










Events “The Taste of Gold”

Marco Stabile, the Michelin-starred chef who is making flavored edible gold shine brightly in the kitchen.

Marco Stabile, owner of the restaurant “Ora d’Aria”, is the ambassador of the “Gold Chef” range of products.





Who is the Chef Marco Stabile


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