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Who is the Chef Marco Stabile

The ambassador of the "Gold Chef"

Chef Marco Stabile

Marco Stabile sprinkling gold chef crumbs

The Michelin-starred chef Marco Stabile is the ambassador of the “Gold Chef” product line in various flavors, from truffle to extra virgin olive oil, from lime to strawberry, to name but a few.

Giusto Manetti Battiloro, the historic Florentine company producing edible gold with flavor, “Gold Chef”, an exclusive ingredient for the most modern and refined kitchen, has chosen him for his professional qualities and for his success story. Indeed Marco Stabile brings innovation and imagination, coupled with tradition, to the table. This is the chef who makes edible gold with its flavors shine brightly.

Chef Stabile, forty-one years old, from Tuscany, is the promise kept of Italian haute cuisine. His debut is important, alongside Guido Sabatini, and the teaching of his master, Gaetano Trovato, is fundamental. Among his most significant experiences are the opening of L’Osteria di Passignano of the Antinori family, the long stay at Arnolfo and with the knight of Gabbiano Castle, of the wine company Beringer Blass. At the end of this road, which allowed him to refine his techniques and let his talent grow, Stabile was able to realize his project, the restaurant “Ora d’Aria”, where he was finally given the chance to best express his personality, his strong, curious, cosmopolitan and innovative spirit, nevertheless deeply rooted in a tradition which is culture, family, territory and which has the courage to reveal itself in the magic of those flavors that recall childhood but filled with an extraordinary sense of the present.

“Ora d’Aria” fulfills a great desire, the entry into the prestigious association “Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe”, in 2009. Since then, there have been so many awards that the chef is able to boast that it is Marco Stabile’s curiosity and ability to see into the future and predict trends which is commended; an example is his approach to the world of beer that has given him the chance to deal with a versatile product, with many identities, investigating an innovative perspective in the kitchen. This commitment has led to the restaurant “Ora D’Aria” being rewarded for its beer menu, by the Espresso Restaurant Guide, and the for best cuisine with beer from Identity Golose. At the end of 2011 comes the highest accolade of all: the first Michelin star.


Ora d’Aria

The restaurant “Ora d’Aria” owes its name not only to the proximity of the first premises to the old Florentine “Le Murate” prison, but also to the goal that all the staff aims to reach with their work: to offer their guests a relaxing, pleasant break, a moment of detachment from the rush of the hectic daily schedule, an hour’s breather from the everyday routine.

The restaurant, located in Via dei Georgofili, a step away from Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, is simple and elegant, with an attention to detail that expresses a delicate luxury, though never ostentatious. “Ora D’Aria” reflects the philosophy of the chef who promotes a cuisine based on quality and transparency, the same that can be found everywhere in the restaurant, starting from the kitchen, with views of the street and the dining room, which defines the essence of the place and the people in it.

The restaurant’s winning proposition is the choice of the “tapas” lunch that allows you to enjoy gourmet dishes in small portions at small prices, to ensure that haute cuisine becomes a truly democratic experience. The wine cellar is excellent, stocked first of all with wine from Tuscany, but also with the most sought after Italian and French wines, as well as a menu of the choicest beers. To date “Ora d’Aria” is certainly one of the most prestigious names in the national restaurant scene and, since December 2011, has been able to boast the highest award in the field of quality restaurants: the Michelin Star.


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