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Gold flakes, crumbs and powder

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Mainly designed for an industrial utilization, these Beauty Gold line products are mostly used for the production of soaps, facial creams and body creams. Gold is known for its anti aging qualities, the capacity to give back to the skin her natural elasticity and its detoxifying virtues.

For cosmetic sector, gold is used both industrially, for the production of lipsticks or eyeshadows, and for the direct application on skin and nails. Another utilization for cosmetic gold is the creation of gilded tattoos.

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Beauty Gold gold leaf mask


The first step for a correct treatment is thoroughly clean the skin area of interest.

Then massage with a cream or a lotion adapt for the skin of the person to be treated.

Being careful to touch just the sheet of tissue paper, take a leaf from the booklet and apply by pressing it gently on the skin, so to make the gold adhere perfectly on the skin. Remove then the tissue paper and repeat until the skin area of interest is fully covered. In case of facial application, during this phase pay attention to not obstruct the airway of the person treated.

Massage the skin until you completely remove the mask.

This step could leave pieces of gold leaf on the treated skin. According to the preferences of the subject, the residues can be left applied on the skin or removed. If left applied, will result a make up effect. To leave them, rinse the area or massage with a lotion. After a few minutes, the skin will acquire new brightness.


The product preserve its properties unchanged for the duration of ten years, after the opening, if maintained close in its packaging at room temperature and humidity not exceeding 80%.


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