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What’s TerraOro

Hand Made

TerraOro is a completely handmade product, it’s realized only upon customer request and it’s manufacturable in every shape and dimension, from the 6×6 cm square like mosaic to tiles with big surface, with straight, angular or curved shape, and available in different thickness. TerraOro is suitable for vertical walls covering, ceilings and, due to a special superficial protection, floors.

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Production of Terra-cotta

The clay is mixed with water and transferred by hand inside moulds, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. After an initial natural drying in air, the tile is carefully finished by hand to obtain the classical soft form of terra-cotta. Subsequently, the terra-cotta is subjected to the actual drying in chambers where the tiles are exposed to hot air at about 80 °C for almost 48 hours. Finally takes the baking phase with temperatures reaching 1100 ° C for a period of about 80 hours. This phase is the most crucial of the whole process, because it brings out all the terracotta’s strength.


Preparation of Terra-cotta

The terracotta elements, carefully prepared for further processing, are subjected to a first basic treatment for protection against the moisture always present in walls. The next stage is to apply a glue, commonly known as “size”, by brush. This allows the leaf to adhere permanently to the substrate.

Gilding and final treatments

Finished the activation cycle of the glue, the leaves of gold are applied manually one by one, being transferred directly from the booklets to the previously treated surface. To achieve a perfect and consistent adherence of the gold to the terra-cotta, the leaves are pressed onto the whole decorated area using a wad of cotton wool and all the imperfections on the gilded tile are removed using a brush. The last stage of the process involves applying several layers of protective varnish specially designed to ensure the durability of the decorated surface. The last coat of varnish determines the appearance of the finish, which can be gloss, semi-gloss or matt, according to the needs of the customer.

Tips and maintenance

For application of Terraoro we recommend to observe the standard and general suggestion for application of Terracotta tiles. Due to the craftsmanship of the product and the superficial decoration with gold, we recommend to pay attention both during and after application to avoid damaging the tiles with abrasive products, mortars or acids and removing grout residue. For cleaning it is recommended to use only water added with mild detergent avoiding abrasivs or acids.

For complete information on application and maintenance, refer to the technical sheet.

Single Tile

The classic elegance

and materiality of terra-cotta

Composition Tile

Modernity and functionality

of terra-cotta coatings


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