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Kolner Instacoll Base Matt

Kolner Instacoll Base Matt

Size for interior gilding with gold or silver leaf. It can be used on any surface, both porous or smooth and compact and allows for gilding with a matt finish.

Kolner Instacoll Base Matt

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Size made with water base (component 1).

Use method

Apply the base by brush or spray, after having diluted it if the product is too thick (with water max 10%). It is possible to start applying the leaf after a variable time between 30 and 60 min. according to the surface to be decorated and the environmental conditions. When gilding is completed, to obtain an even glossy final effect, wipe the surface with a lintfree cloth (“Kölner Cloth” p. 152).

Gilding on large surfaces

If the size dries, its adhesive power will need to be reactivated with a specific activator (component 2, “Kölner Activator” p. 101), which is useful when there are large surfaces to be gilded. In the case of application on large surfaces, spray application is possible after dilution with distilled water to no more than 10%. The use of a low-pressure nozzle with a diameter of 1 / 1.5 mm is recommended.


8 - 10 m² / litre (undiluted)


Store in a cool, dry place in its own container, closed, and away from direct light and heat. The ideal temperature is 15-25°C with humidity under 50%.

Additional information

Dilution percentage, application method and quantities applied may significantly affect the workability time. The most suitable application methods should be determined by experimentation on the basis of the surface being gilded and the desired result.

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