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Silver powder, in a pot, and shell silver, in its own container, are two ideal products for retouching and decorating elaborate and delicate surfaces. For silvering, the powder must always be mixed with a special binding agent to create a compound that is then applied manually, using a brush with an appropriate tip shape designed to achieve the desired effect.

Shell silver, instead, is a compound of pure silver and gum arabic and is ready-to-use. To apply the silver gilding, dip the tip of the brush in water and rub it on the cake of shell silver to pick up the desired amount. Silver leaf powder is used by professional restorers, while shell powder is a product widely used in the hobby sector.

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Silver powder and shell silver: from Florence to the entire world

Our company boasts a centuries-old history. We have been producing precious metal leaf in Florence since 1600 and today, our high- quality Made in Italy products are exported throughout the world.

Thanks to our rapid and punctual logistics system, we provide the fastest delivery times possible, depending on the size of the order and warehouse inventory. All our shipments are securely packaged, to ensure they reach their destination safely and intact, and are traceable with a special tracking number, to monitor their status right up to the time of delivery. Our team of experts is always available to support our customers, from the initial quote right up to the post-sales phase, to ensure that all their needs are met. We are at your disposal to provide pricing and quotes.

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Silver powder and shells

Silver powder and shells

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Silver powder and shells

To apply with a brush, powders and shells are the best formats for any retouching and for carved or very irregular surfaces.

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