Beauty Gold, Giusto Manetti Battiloro’s gold for cosmetic use, is the most exclusive skincare product. Very easy to use, it is suitable for both face and body treatment, as well as an ingredient in the preparation of creams and oils, and for creating makeup with great scenic impact.

Gold is used in the best spas and beauty salons in the world to pamper the most discerning customers with an unforgettable experience.

Cosmetic gold leaf is also transformed into dust, glitter and golden petals to embellish and add a glow to creams, primers, hair and nail products.

Cosmetic gold is not new. But today it is so loved by movie stars, influencers and the creative directors of the most important fashion brands. Its use for beauty treatments has been documented for thousands of years in Egypt, China and Ancient Rome. Cleopatra was cosmetic gold’s first testimonial “ante litteram” (before the term existed). The queen of Egypt was very attentive to her skincare routine. She would sleep with thin gold leaves on her face.

Quality parameters of Beauty Gold cosmetic gold:

    • 100% Made in Italy, developed in Florence
    • Certified pure gold: each batch of raw material is accompanied by a certificate attesting its purity
    • 24 kt Gold leaf
    • 23Kt Dust, glitter, and petals with a small percentage of silver
    • 100% natural: the raw materials are all of mineral origin
    • Copper-free





The gold leaf application ritual is as exclusive as it is simple. Here are the instructions:

      • After cleansing, apply a cream or oil to the skin
      • Cover the treated area with gold cosmetic leaves
      • Wait until completely absorbed
      • Remove the gold leaf with a light massage that activates a delicate exfoliating action

Thanks to the unique nature of this precious metal and its decomposition into micro-particles, this scrub helps to give a magnificent shine to the skin, prolonging the pleasure of this precious pampering.

For beauty treatments, gold leaf can be used whole or cut into the desired size or shape.

In addition to the traditional booklets with square gold leaf, the Beauty Gold line also includes pre-cut gold facial masks and patches for the eyes.  For a complete facial, we recommend a booklet of 12 gold leaves for cosmetics 5×5 cm . For the decolletage, all that is needed is a booklet of 12 leaves 8×8 cm .

Gold leaf treatments are suggested for mature skins that tend to be dry and lackluster, while silver leaf treatments are recommended for oily or combination skins.




Beauty Gold cosmetic gold leaf make-up is adored by the most famous make-up artists in the world, and admired on the most prestigious red carpets and at high fashion shows.
It is the most exclusive way to make faces, bodies, nails and hair absolutely shine.

Dust , glitter , flakes, gold leaves and cosmetic silver turn make-up into an exclusive and unique beauty experience, with amazing visual results.


Using cosmetic gold is simple. It only requires a bit of experience, the right amount of creativity and the willingness to experiment. For make-up on the face, simply prepare the skin with a good primer or foundation. Once the base is ready, use the brush for the powder or tweezers to arrange the glitter and petals where you would like them.

For luxurious hairstyles, simply pre-treat hair with hairspray or gel and use tweezers to apply petals and glitter. 

If you would like more tips, here’s a tutorial on how to use cosmetic gold in Make Up .



Manetti cosmetic gold leaf is used not only in salons and make-up, but also for exclusive industrial as well as artisanal skincare beauty products. 

The Beauty Gold Industrial line makes cosmetic gold and silver available to manufacturers and retailers in large quantities. Versatility of use is guaranteed thanks to a wide range of available formats, each specifically designed for different treatments and application rituals.

The loose gold and silver powder is perfect for adding extraordinary radiance to lipsticks, eye and face make-up, gels, oils, creams, serums and perfumes, hair sprays and nail polishes.

In addition to personal home use, Beauty Gold products are available for: