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The 1000/000 genuine silver leaf roll is ideal for rapid and accurate gilding on large, flat surfaces. Each leaf is individually applied to a layer of tissue paper with a length between 25 and 40 meters (82 to 164 feet) and a width of 140 mm (5 ½ inches).

During the gilding phase, the roll can be cut to the desired width using a pair of ordinary scissors. Special attention must be taken to ensure that the cuts are always made at the joints between the leaves. At the customer’s request, the rolls can be supplied precut to a specified width, from a minimum of 10 mm (0.4 inches).

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Oil-based gilding with silver leaf rolls

Unlike gold, real silver tarnishes easily and therefore, it is recommended for interior uses only. Gilding with silver leaf rolls is performed with the oil gilding technique, using different adhesives such as a water-based size, varnish or alcohol-based solvent. A water-based size is recommended for decorating wood paneling, frames, wood furniture, plastered surfaces, door details, and refinishing paper supports. However, a varnish-based size is suitable for metal and marble surfaces, while an alcohol-based adhesive is preferred by professionals for refinishing furnishings in glass, plastic and wrought iron.

After applying the size, the roll is laid down on the desired area and pressure is applied to the tissue paper side to attach the silver leaf to the surface. Once the process is completed, the paper layer can be detached smoothly. For precision finishing, the roll can be cut to the required size. Each production batch is guaranteed compliant with specific quality control standards. We ship silver leaf rolls worldwide and each order is insured, offering complete protection for our customers. We are at your disposal to provide product pricing information and prepare a quote.

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Silver leaf rolls

Silver leaf rolls

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Silver leaf rolls

Ideal for rapid and accurate silver leafing of large, flat surfaces, silver leaf rolls are easy to cut into the size needed for each application.

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