Edible gold leaf has a very long history. The ancient Egyptians offered it to the gods, and the Renaissance lords used it to show off their wealth and power.

The ancient tradition of decorating dishes with edible gold leaf is now one of the most exclusive trends in food design. It was rediscovered by Gualtiero Marchesi and now loved by Michelin star chefs all over the world(*).

The Manetti family produces its edible gold leaf in Florence, with an incredible 400 years of experience in the ancient art of goldbeating, Gold Chef edible gold is available in all formats and it adapts perfectly to every industry(*): from local to haute cuisine, from bartending to food production.

Whole, crumbled, in flakes or as a powder, edible gold leaf gives everything a magnificent shine, from pastries to liqueurs.

Quality parameters of Gold Chef edible gold :

  • made in Italy
  • Flavourless
  • Imperceptible to the palate
  • 100% natural: the raw materials are all of mineral origin
  • The European Union allows its use as a food coloring(*)
  • Made with Pure Gold traced and derived from responsible sources

The edible Gold Chef product line includes:

In addition to edible gold, we also produce edible silver leaf, which adds a surprising moonlight shine to a variety of dishes, chocolates and pastries(*):


Edible gold leaf is the most traditional and the most precious cut of edible gold.

In different countries of the world it is mainly used in restaurants, especially when decorating dishes with large surfaces such as cakes and risotto(*). The edible gold leaf can be applied whole or cut into a section of any shape or size. Gold leaf has traditionally been used for artisanal creations, with exceptional results. However, it can also be used for decorations on industrial food products.

Edible gold leaf is elegantly packaged and supplied in display cases for the retail food sector. There are 2 formats:

  • 14 booklets with 2 leaves each, 50×50 mm
  • 12 booklets with 5 leaves each, 86×86 mm.


24kt gold is melted down in an ingot after a long and complex process in which advanced technologies and excellent craftsmanship coexist. Its thickness is progressively reduced until it becomes a thin ribbon and, finally, a gold leaf. It is almost as transparent and light as a feather.

Some characteristics of our Florentine factory, where we process the gold:

  • Complies with GMP Good Food Manufacturing Standards
  • It complies with European Union safety standards
  • It is not produced with adjuvants and/or materials of animal origin and does not contain allergens
  • Certified for use in Kosher kitchens


Food-grade gold powder is the ideal cut when you are looking to create diffused brilliance. Where permitted by current local provisions (*), it is lightweight, almost impalpable and absolutely imperceptible to the palate. Edible gold powder is used for decorations on appetizers, first and second courses, finger foods, desserts, gelato and chocolate, or for iridescent reflections in liqueurs and fine wines.

Professional restauranteurs use it to embellish cocktails and champagne flûtes with a flick of the wrist, or to decorate sweets, chocolates, ice-creams with a homogeneous shine(*).

The retail packaging has two elegant solutions: parchment bags or glass jars with a built-in shaker. Both can be used to apply the edible gold powder without needing to transfer it to other containers.

Edible gold powder – as well as other Gold Chef products – is made using only pure gold. It is responsible. It is also certified for use in Kosher kitchens. 


Flexible and versatile, edible gold crumbs are perfect for creating luminous effects Obtained by crumbling pure gold leaf, they are the most versatile cut of edible gold.

Where permitted by current local provisions (*), in the world of HORECA gold crumbs are used to sumptuously decorate appetizers, first and second courses of fish and meat, desserts and confections, whether small or large. In the industrial production industry, crumbled gold leaf adds its glow to a wide variety of edible products.

Some information about our packaging:

  • Elegant retail displays
  • Glass jar with shaker, or plastic free parchment bag


Edible gold flakes are so creative that dishes come out looking like jewellery. Perfect for finger food, first courses, fusion cuisine, desserts and exclusive and luxurious cakes(*).

Like other Gold Chef products, gold flakes come in glass jars, or parchment bags, in a variety of sizes based on the quantity that is needed. For retail sale in the food sector, Gold Chef flakes are supplied in elegant 14-bag packages or 12-jar boxes.

Giusto Manetti Battiloro’s edible gold flakes are a high quality Italian product. These are just a few of the distinguishing characteristics:

  • Biologically inert and tasteless
  • Imperceptible to the palate
  • Made with pure gold from responsible sources
  • Located in the province of Florence, our factory operates in compliance with current national and EU provisions on food hygiene and safety.

In addition to edible gold flakes, the Gold Chef line also includes edible silver flakes, which have the ability to transform food and drinks into magnificent “tasty jewels”.


The cost of edible gold leaf has become a luxury that is within everyone’s reach. The price is very similar to fine spices such as saffron. Edible gold was once reserved solely for the tables of kings, and subsequently for the kitchens of star chefs. In recent years, however, it has become more widespread in exclusive bartending services, confections, cake design and home use.

Decorating with edible gold leaf and eating gold therefore costs less than you think.

However, it is always important to remember that quality has a price, and you should make sure you only buy edible gold leaf that is certified as a food-grade product. It is also essential that customers verify that the product comes from companies with health authorisations for the production and sale of food additives.

The amount of edible gold leaves needed to decorate a dish varies greatly depending on the type of preparation, the type of application and the number of people for whom that dish is prepared. The rule of thumb is that the brightness of gold powder is more diffused than crumbs or flakes. With the same milligrams of product you will attain significantly different visual effects.

Gold Chef Edible Gold is available in a wide variety of formats, each of which is calibrated to the needs and budget of any type of buyer.

(*) In EU countries, gold and silver can be used as food colorants only for the external coating of confectionery products, decorations of chocolate products and in liqueurs. For other countries, check the legislation in force there.

Choose the edible gold that best suits your needs