Imitation gold, silver, aluminum and copper leaf

In addition to genuine gold leaf, Giusto Manetti offers a wide range of imitation leaf products available in four colors and two variegated shades in four versions each. As it is thicker that genuine precious metal leaf, imitation leaf is easier to handle and apply and can be used by the most expert professionals as well as novices trying their hand and gilding for the first time. Imitation gold, silver and copper, are available in larger formats than traditional gold leaf. This feature, combined with ease of handling, make it possible to significantly reduce gilding times. Once applied, it is advisable to always protect the imitation leaf to extend its life and prevent tarnishing.

Imitation leaf boxes

16 x 16 cm leaves packaged in reams and available in two imitation gold colours as well as aluminium and copper. Larger sizes and greater thicknesses as compared to traditional leaves facilitates application.


Imitation leaf books

14 x 14 cm leaves packaged in 25 sheet books and available in both traditional loose and transfer leaf formats.


Imitation leaf in envelope

Imitation leaves packaged in a single envelope available in two different formats: 14 x 14 cm and 16 x 16 cm.


Imitation leaf rolls

Imitation metal leaves are applied in continuous layers on tissue paper for easy application to large, flat surfaces.


Imitation leaf in booklets and other formats

Imitation gold is known by many names that vary from place to place: “Dutch gold”, “artificial gold leaf”, “faux gold”, “composition metal”, “Schlag metal” and “copper leaf”. The alloy is always composed of a mix of copper and zinc. The metal alloy is beaten out using the same process as genuine gold, but it is thicker, so it can also be handled manually without the need for special instruments. For this reason, it is easy-to-use and, in some cases, is ideal for didactic purposes in gilding schools. Imitation gold leaf combines copper and zinc in various percentages depending on the desired shade. Imitation silver leaf, instead, is composed of 100% aluminum and copper leaf is 100% copper.Imitation silver and gold leaf and copper leaf are available in booklets (loose or transfer leaf), in packaged reams, in boxes, in envelopes and in rolls. Various sizes and thicknesses are available, depending on the intended use. In addition to four standard colors, the leaf is offered in a variegated version with gold and copper effects.

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This product is suitable for interior gilding on large, flat walls or surfaces, or for decorating objects in wood, ceramics and glass. Specifically, imitation leaf in boxes is used by professionals to gild furniture, frames and other decorative elements. Book leaf, instead, is ideal for hobbyists or when absolute precision is required, including the gilding of flat surfaces, an operation for which transfer leaf or roll leaf are ideal. Leaf in boxes or in book format can also be used for water gilding, which is a more laborious process, for gilding on plaster gesso or wood objects, such as frames and icons. In every case, a protective finishing coat is recommended to prevent the color from fading and deteriorating for as long as possible. Our experts would be pleased to provide a free consultation on imitation gold application techniques and draw up a quote with an overview of our product catalog pricing.

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