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As well as precious metal leaf, Giusto Manetti Battiloro offers a series of imitation leaf products in 4 colours as well as a range of variegated effects, and in four formats. Thicker than genuine gold, imitation leaves are easier to handle and apply and can be used by the most expert professionals and trainees trying their hand at gilding for the first time. Imitation gold, silver and copper is available in larger formats than traditional gold leaf. This, together with its ease in handling makes for considerably reduced time frames for gilding. Once applied it is advisable to protect imitation gold leaf to extend its life and avoid tarnishing.

Imitation leaf boxes

16 x 16 cm leaves packaged in reams and available in two imitation gold colours as well as aluminium and copper. The imitation leaf's greater thickness compared to genuine leaf facilitates application.


Imitation leaf books

14 x 14 cm leaves packaged in 25 sheet books and available in both traditional loose and transfer leaf formats.


Imitation leaf in envelope

Imitation leaves packaged in a single envelope available in two different formats: 14 x 14 cm and 16 x 16 cm.


Imitation leaf rolls

Imitation metal leaves are applied in continuous layers on tissue paper for easy application to large, flat surfaces.