Genuine silver leaf

Giusto Manetti Battiloro 1000/000 pure silver leaf is a high-quality product, available in various sizes and thicknesses to meet all silver leafing needs. Manetti silver leaf is available in the classic loose leaf booklet format (ideal for decorating both carved surfaces with the water gilding technique or smooth surfaces with the oil gilding method technique), in the transfer leaf format (suitable for flat surfaces, only with the oil gilding technique), and in rolls (silver leaves are laid on a roll of tissue paper, forming a continuous layer of pre-overlapping leaves. Rolls are used for gilding large flat surfaces). An extra-thick silver leaf is also available for use in the artistic decoration of glass (vetrofusion).

Silver leaf books

Available in various formats and thicknesses the pure silver leaf books are ideal for restoration, for oil gilding and water gilding on elaborated surfaces and for transfer leaf application on flat surfaces both indoors and outdoors. Each book contains 25 leaves.


Silver leaf rolls

Ideal for rapid and accurate silver leafing of large, flat surfaces, silver leaf rolls are easy to cut into the size needed for each application.


Silver powder and shells

To apply with a brush, powders and shells are the best formats for any retouching and for carved or very irregular surfaces.


Extra thick silver leaf

Resistant to very high temperatures, the high thickness pure silver leaf is used for artistic decorations on glass. Each book contains 25 leaves.


Genuine silver schabin

Silver schabin is ideal for silver leafing which does not require perfect leaf geometry.


Silver leaf and other formats

In addition to the leaf format, we also offer silver powder and shells, suitable for retouching and gilding carved and hard-to-reach surfaces, and silver leaf flakes, also called “schabin”, packaged in boxes of leaves not cut to square, and ideal for rapid silver leafing. For detailed instructions on how to apply silver leaf using the oil-based technique, refer to the dedicated section of our Gilding Academy.

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Silver leaf is used for decorating various surfaces, such as wood, glass and metal. As genuine silver has a high risk of tarnishing when exposed to atmospheric agents, it should always be protected and preferably kept indoors. We guarantee ethical and safe procurement practices: both our silver and gold are traceable and certified along the entire supply chain. We offer free consulting services to help customers choose the product that best meets their needs and intended purpose. We have been producing precious metal leaf products since 1600 and today, we export to over 70 countries, thanks to our rapid and punctual logistics system. All our orders are covered by insurance, ensuring the complete protection of our customers. We are available to provide further information on prices and quotes.

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