Giusto Manetti logo

This is the brand dedicated to precious metal leaves and the one with which the company is known around the world. Known as the Medal Trademark its evolution spans almost a century, between 1861 and 1946. Its origin dates back to the 1861 Exhibition, during which the company received the medal of merit for the extraordinary quality of its gold and silver leaves. Initially the logo featured only one medal, but it had to be updated when in 1881 and 1884 the company obtained two further medals of merit, bringing the total to three, again for the unique quality of its precious metal leaves. Finally in 1946, during Italy’s transition to the republican form of government, a small and clever graphic intervention made it possible to hide the names of the Italian Kings on the medals, thus managing to save and preserve it over time.







It includes the very first company logo and bears within the important date of 1820. In that year, Luigi Manetti, after a long period spent abroad studying the industrial revolution, acquired full ownership of the family workshop, and, determined to give the centuries-old artisanal production a more international flavour, He proudly chose to name it after his newborn son “Giusto”. He also added “Florence”, as he was keenly aware that only this city could be the home of the Manettis. Starting in 1861, with the development of the Medal Trademark reserved exclusively for precious metal leaves, this logo continues to symbolize the company’s products that are auxiliary to the gilding phases, in addition to non-precious metal leaves.