Giusto Manetti Battiloro,
since 1600 gold leaf manufacturers in Florence
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The most comprehensive range of gilding products for professionals, distributors, and big players: gold leaf, silver, palladium, platinum, imitation, and a wide selection of tools and products for water gilding, oil gilding, finishing, and protection.

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Shop now all gilding art supplies: gold leaves, missions, boluses, brushes.

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Specially designed for students, hobbyists, and small professionals, this line of gilding products is tailor made for art stores. Featuring booklets of 5 and 25 leaves, loose and transfer leaves, and auxiliary products in 125ml and 250ml formats.

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Featuring the very best gilding artisans, a complete guide to the secrets of the trade. Discover when and how to use different leaf application techniques and which tools will help you achieve a perfect result every time.



Paris, New York, London, Dubai. Manetti gold makes Made in Italy shine all over the world. Browse the gallery and prepare yourself to be stunned by the beauty.


This brand was created for professionals and companies in the cosmetic sector, to formulate anti-aging treatments and products for resale with 24 Carat gold leaf that is certified for cosmetic use.


powder, crumbs, flakes, leaf, spray, capsules: with Gold Chef's certified food gold, the culinary experience becomes surprising and precious.


Manufacturer of gold leaf in Florence since 1600: Giusto Manetti Battiloro Goldbeater

Our family has preserved and renewed the tradition of producing precious metal leaf since 1600, practicing the noble craft of gold beating for over 15 generations. Our gold, silver, palladium and platinum leaf is 100% Made in Italy and produced in our plant located in Campi Bisenzio, just outside of Florence. Manetti gold, and other products that bear our trademark, are created through a rigorous quality control process: we guarantee certified no-conflict gold and the traceability of our lots during every phase of production, right up to the time of sale to the consumer. The precious metal leaves we offer our customers combine the cutting-edge technology of our machinery with the traditional craftsmanship of our skilled artisans, to create a product of excellence.

We have created dedicated departments within our facilities which are in full compliance with all the Italian and European health regulations for the production of edible gold, utilized by renowned international chefsto create their original dishes, and of cosmetic gold leaf, used for the most exclusive skincare beauty treatments and the most sought-after cosmetics. We offer free consulting and sales services to our customers worldwide. We are the leading global supplier of gold leaf, as well as silver, platinum and palladium leaf and gilding accessories. For over 5 centuries, Manetti gold has epitomized the distinctive character of Florentine craftsmanship, offering a product of exceptional quality.

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The services of Giusto Manetti Battiloro, 100% Made in Italy

We are always available to support our customers, from the initial quote, to the purchase, right up to post-sales assistance. Our customers can count on a highly qualified team that is committed to assisting them and responding to their every need. Our experts also provide detailed information on the process for applying Manetti gilding leaves and will recommend the most suitable technique and materials to achieve impeccable results. Our catalog features gold leaves in a range of karat levels (from 24k to 6k), as well as silver, platinum and palladium leaves. Manetti leaves are available in 29 colors and various formats, making them ideal for a wide range of applications and uses. We can complete and personalize orders within a short period of time, thanks to our extremely flexible production capacity. We can also customize both the thickness and size of the leaves.

Gold leaf is used for restoration projects, furnishings, decorating buildings, but also for embellishing works of art, signs and an infinite number of special applications. Upon request, we can also put our customers in contact with the best professional gilders. Through our international distributors, carefully selected over the years and constantly updated, we support our customers in more than 70 countries around the world. Production and delivery times follow the company’s just-in-time policy and can vary depending on availability at the warehouse and the size of the order. Processing times for standard orders are extremely fast, thanks to our advanced logistics system. To ensure that the product is delivered on time, in perfect condition and in absolute safety, all our packaging is made with high-quality products, guaranteed to provide maximum resistance. All our shipments are tracked with a truck-number, traced right up until the time of delivery, and insured to provide maximum protection for our customers. Do you need a quote or pricing information for our products? Contact us

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